Whitesone Multiplex Cinemas May Stop Showing Films

Submitted by ub on Mon, 06/11/2012 - 12:52

It was too good to last, if you didn't mind the probability of getting harassed by teenagers, while enjoying a deal on Tuesdays, when $6 movie tickets bought you the most recent film releases. But this Bronx theater has been sold $30M, making it one of the largest recent sales in The Bronx. Whitestone Multiplex Cinemas is located at 2505 Bruckner Boulevard

Some past patrons say they will miss this place whenever it closes, claiming to go with a neck pillow and a fleece blanket. Since those seats recline to almost a full bed, there say there was no better way to watch a feature film than kicking off the shoes and get comfortable.

Plans are reportedly being developed to transform this location into an outlet mall, sometime in the future. This Bronx landmark currently houses a 14-screen movie theater, the Whitesone Cinema has been there for decades.