Who Wants Repeal and Replace?

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White House analysis of Obamacare repeal sees even deeper insurance losses than CBO

Reality TV celebrity Donald Trump who hosted “The Apprentice”, coined a signature line for dismissing unworthy aspirants. Every time he let somebody go and said "You're Fired!", Trump offered these biting words of critique. I don’t want somebody running one of my companies who is going to be beaten up so badly, he told another contestant. You’ve been lazy, others heard the following, you’ve been nothing but trouble. Karma sure has an interesting way of biting back.

These words may be coming back to haunt The President and GOP so called leaders. Member of the Republican party has been barking up the #ACA tree for years insisting that Americans demand Repeal and Replace, but they either forgot to follow through with proposing a better plan or do not care about the masses who will lose coverage under their plan.

Democrats, Independents and Republican critics of the GOP health bill received a talking points memo from the federal government and it shows the leadership has been lazy, will be beaten badly and will cause millions plenty of trouble, which could lead to death. Some estimates point to 24 million Americans will eventually lose their healthcare.

@potus said no one would lose coverage under an #ACA repeal, aka #TrumpCare. The @GOP proposal shatters that promise and offers a massive tax cut to rich Americans.

US House and Senate members on both sides of the aisle are revolting as a result of big cuts to the Medicaid safety net for the poor.

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If the feeds can launch an investigation into baseless wiretapping claims, there should be an extensive investigation to determine who wants to Repeal and Replace #ACA aka Obamacare.

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