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Trump is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices and regards, treating the members of groups with hatred and intolerance.

We stand together. We are better than bigotry. via @freep

He started by attacking women, then Hispanics, later veterans, followed by the handicapped and now Muslims?

How is it that all the political BS is constantly being trumped almost daily with another outrageous absurdity? US is on the verge of a political breakdown and some are comparing it with The Trump Tower of BS.

As my friend and neighbor Richard Jannaccio said " OK, demonize Trump, I have no problem. But remember that he was not radicalized abroad! He was made in the USA. This is the ugly, sick monster that results from insatiable greed, ignorance and lack of humanitarian values, allowing one individual to profit at the expense of many. Behold thy creation, US society."

#You Ain’t No American, Bro

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