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Edgar Allan Poe, poet, author, and editor - “Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.”

The Raven shows that experience is the best teacher. When Poe mentioned the exquisite horror of their reality, it suddenly takes us back to a big realization in life, failures, and rejections, can be the worst kind of experiences. If you ever heard folks say “You cannot change people” believe them. No advice is enough to change and shift people’s perspectives, but it is fine to call them out.

There are two men who I say that every accusation is a conspiracy theory and their confession. When Vlad calls Zelenskyy a NAZI and when Don calls Biden a FASCIST and their confessions are becoming more complicated as the Election grows closer every day.

Consider the following evil and horrifying words and consider the messages … Election denial, Crooked Joe, Fascists, NATO, Nazis, Satanists: BLAH, Blah Bullshit Putin and Trump are running out of excuses for their wars. Trump is Putin's puppet. Donnie has been it for years. We all know it and everyone realizes it. Well, almost everyone, but MAGA Republicans.

Geopolitical Ambitions: Putin sees Ukraine as historically part of Russia's sphere of influence and views its alignment with the West, particularly NATO, as a threat to Russian security and interests. He aims to maintain Russian dominance in the region and prevent Ukraine from fully integrating with Western institutions.

Domestic Politics: Putin's popularity at home often correlates with his image as a strong leader defending Russia's interests against external threats. The invasion of Ukraine can be seen as a way to bolster his domestic support by appealing to nationalist sentiments and projecting strength on the international stage.

Historical Context: Russia has a long history of influence and control over Ukraine, dating back centuries. Putin's government has often framed its actions in Ukraine within this historical context, portraying itself as protecting ethnic Russians and Russian-speaking populations in eastern Ukraine from perceived discrimination or persecution by the Ukrainian government.

Military and Strategic Considerations: Ukraine holds significant strategic importance for Russia, particularly in terms of access to the Black Sea and the potential control of key infrastructure and resources. The annexation of Crimea in 2014, which followed the ousting of pro-Russian Ukrainian President Yanukovych, was driven by strategic concerns as well as historical and cultural ties.

Economic Interests: Control over Ukraine could also provide economic benefits to Russia, including access to Ukrainian markets, resources, and industries.

International Relations: Putin's actions in Ukraine also serve to assert Russia's influence on the global stage and challenge the post-Cold War order, particularly Western dominance led by the United States and its allies. By challenging the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, Putin sends a message about Russia's willingness to assert its interests forcefully.

Putin's invasion of Ukraine reflects a combination of geopolitical calculations, historical grievances, domestic political considerations, and strategic objectives aimed at maintaining Russian influence and power in the region.

Putin and Trump are not winning. Their criminality and ugliness are causing them to lose ground.

‘Here are words for these cretins to live by… Lying to yourself is being a fake, lying to others is forgery, and lying to harm is slander. Also - Eph 4:29 "Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what helps build others up."

Vote blue or say goodbye to the sky. Those who claim to be cynical about politics don’t know anything … And so it goes.