Will Democracy End?

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People won’t be voting for a presidential candidate they love. They will not be voting for a candidate they loathe. That’s why half of Donald Trump supporters back him primarily because they don’t want Hillary Clinton to win.

Another half would vote for Clinton mostly because they don’t want to see a Trump presidency.

Meanwhile, Trump critics on the right are scouring the corridors of power looking for a candidate they could back as a serious third-party alternative. WTF?

What if US had another democratically held election and nobody cast their ballots? Americans’ distaste for Trump And Clinton Is non-presidential. Registered voters don’t appear to be thrilled at the prospect of voting for either Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump. These two are more strongly disliked than any presidential nominee since the camp pain known as The Revolution of 1800. My God!

¿Qué pasaría si Estados Unidos tenía otra elección celebrada democráticamente y nadie emitiria su voto? Desagrado de los Estadounidenses por Donald Trump y Hilary Clinton no es presidencial. Los votantes registrados no parecen estar muy encantados con la idea de votar por cualquiera de los dos, Hilary Clinton, o Donald Trump. Estos dos se les disgustaba con más fuerza que de cualquier otro candidato presidencial desde el dolor campamento conocido como la Revolución de 1800. Dios Mio!