Will History Repeat?

Submitted by ub on Sat, 02/23/2019 - 12:03

They say that history repeats itself... The origin of the phrase is traced to various personages, including George Santayana. Renowned Novelist Mark Twain proposed a modification to the proverb. He said, ‘history doesn’t repeat itself, it rhymes’.

The general idea of history repeating itself, however, can be said to be a much more ancient one. The idea that history repeats itself enables us to make predictions about cause and effect. When a strange coincidence occurs, we may find ourselves saying ‘well, history repeats itself’. This aphorism is rich in meaning and relevant to many aspects of our lives.

In the 1640s Dutch inhabitants of the New Amsterdam built a 12' wall to keep bad guys out. In 1664 the British ignored the wall and took New Amsterdam by sea. It's now called New York City. They took down the wall and built a street. It's now called Wall Street.

La historia se repite: en la década de 1640, los habitantes Holandeses del Nuevo Ámsterdam construyeron un muro de 12 pies para mantener a los hombres malos fuera. En 1664, los Británicos ignoraron el muro y tomaron Nueva Amsterdam por mar. Ahora se llama la ciudad de Nueva York. Derribaron el muro y construyeron una calle, que ahora se llama Muro.