Will they, or won't they?

Submitted by Admin on Fri, 02/27/2015 - 09:29

Will the Congressional funding expire for Homeland Security, or won't it? That is the question many are asking, but approval of a homeland security spending bill looked likely.

Today happens to be the last day Congress can approve this pending legislation before funding runs out at midnight tonight. Is this any way to run a country?

Conservative senators who object to the bill said they do not intend to use procedural moves to delay the Senate vote past the funding deadline. But why must it be this way?

The US House of Representatives voted in January to stop Homeland Security funding this Saturday unless President Obama reverses an order to protect millions of immigrants, who are in danger of being deported.

Following Democratic filibusters, which blocked the bill in the Senate, the Republican leaders agreed this week to offer a "clean" funding measure, with no immigration strings attached.

How long will politicians play, why hard-working people in America continue to pay? Stay tuned!