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In the betting world, a winning wager involves selecting the horse that you think will finish the race in first place. The Republicans won US Government control with a majority rule in Congress and The White House.

With a place bet, you win if your selected horse finishes the race in either first or second place. The GOP put all their money on what they thought would be a winning horse with a well-known name and a face.

A place bet pays less than a win bet on the same horse because the entire pool is split between two groups. In November will the GOP not only lose their place but also their faith realize its time for an about-face?

Time and again @POTUS has made predictions and Americans are finally seeing thru cloudy forecasts which turn out to be a mirage. Have you heard his latest one about arming teachers inside US schools? Some say its a ploy to help #NRA by selling even more assault rifles. As an experienced educator, I think this idea stinks.
Trump was photographed holding a handwritten note saying I hear you, but was he actually listening?

In the aftermath of yet another mass shooting inside a school, Trump stirs fresh debate: Could armed teachers stop shootings?

U.S. students protest over gun laws, Trump considers arming teachers

Florida superintendent gets standing ovation after speaking out against Trump's suggestion to arm teachers

Florida sheriff shuts down Trump suggestion of arming teachers: "Teachers should teach"

Trump tweet opposing more guns in schools resurfaces after he calls for more guns in schools

Once again President Trump looks to show he's been swayed by the Florida school shooting, as he hosts "listening session" with students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. However, looks may be deceiving.

'Fix it!' Gun violence plea to Trump from students, parents

He 'didn't hear a damn thing they said': Angry Americans crush Trump demand to arm teachers…/didnt-hear-damn-thing-said-ang…/… …

The same organization which has reportedly donated millions to Trump, NRA comes out against raising minimum age limit for gun purchases to 21: