Winter Respit?

Submitted by ub on Fri, 04/13/2018 - 01:37

A very temporary intermission of the wintery weather we've been having this Spring is finally affecting the Tulips, which are opening, fleecy clouds were racing through the night sky, and we're in luck for a couple of days. High temperatures are warmer than average for this time of year across the Northeast on Friday and Saturday, but cold air returns again. Weather-wise, 2018 started out with a bang and continues to be anything but ordinary.

Anpyjer extremely wild storm is charging across the nation unleashing extreme weather through this weekend.
So far, the US has been hit with 3 billion-dollar disasters in first 3 months of the year but there's no climate change? March was cold and snowy in much of the East, warm in the south-central part of the nation.…

A storm will bring heavy snow, blizzard conditions, strong winds, and significant icing from the Plains eastward into the Upper Great Lakes. The storm will also bring strong winds to the Desert Southwest and High Plains, with extreme wildfire threats. Severe thunderstorms capable of damaging winds, large hail, tornadoes, and flooding will impact the Middle to Lower Miss. Valley.