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How will The Donald be able to survive having that many angry women mad at him?

The United States of America has protected the freedom of expression more than any other nation. Today is one of those examples as The Women's March on Washington DC is really huge.

Watch live video from the Women's March on Washington #WomensMarch
Watch the #WomensMarch on Washington on CNN Facebook Live

It started as a Facebook event created on election night and today's massive demonstration brings unprecedented numbers to DC. Coming from across the USA, more than 200,000 people gather in Washington one day after the inauguration of President Trump to march from the U.S. Capitol Building to the White House.

Event organizers say they seek to affirm their shared humanity and pronounce a bold message of resistance and self-determination. Uniting women and men to ignite a new wave of activism, the movement garnered support from around the world with more than one million anticipated to protest in 50 states and 32 countries.

On what was supposed to be a day of unity and celebration, the new president returns to his divisive campaign-trail ways and many feel that a Trump presidency heralds a new age of sexism and misogyny.

A couple of hundred thousand American men and women are marching in our nation's capital to protest against regressive policies and demand equal treatment and a whole lot more. Has @realDonaldTrump @potus singlehandedly chosen a majority of his cabinet members who are very rich, majority white male and really frightening?

The Women's March on Washington is expected to be the largest inauguration-related demonstration in U.S. history

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