World War Free?

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There's no denying that the brazen terrorist attacks in Paris, Mali, Nigeria, Lebanon, and Israel; a civilian airliner brought down over the Sinai desert; and a rancorous debate over refugees and national security causes sense of unease both here and abroad, and people are understandably worried about the future.

Despite everything going on in the world, however, I believe that it's important to take a moment and remember that there are still many reasons for us to give thanks.

The holidays require thought, meditation and preparation. This in the season of peace, and definitely not war.

Whether you’re the one who is hosting, invited, or plan to be guesting. In any case, you’ll be thinking about cooking, traveling, safety and avoidable pastimes, or free for all with friends and family.

Joy to the world and peace on earth where? Seriously, are you kidding? Neighbors, colleagues and nations shooting, arguing, fighting, while terrorism is frightening, and the whole world is at war. When will this end? Wont it stop, not even for Christmas?

The following free advise; It's a common sense, don't. Please review and decide whether, or not you do.

Don't raise your voice. It's amazing how issues of hurt feelings or differences can be resolved with a whisper. Those who are loud should communicate with whispers and reduce anger in relationships.

Don't take every argument as a threat. This type of emotional blackmail puts the other person in a panic or flight mode. While you're telling them you want to leave, they may be making plans to find a way. In addition, they may be so devastated by the thought of lost go into a deep depression, or be unable to give you what it is you need.

Don't stockpile by holding back. This is where you bring up issues from the past to use as a hammer against whatever problem your friend or family has asked for help with. Deal with their issue first and if you really have unresolved feelings from past problems talk about them at another time.

Don't avoid your anger. If you stuff your feelings long enough you will explode and say or do things that you will regret. Anger does not diminish relationships, you can be angry with those near to us. In fact the ones we love hurt us because we respect and admire them the most.

Don't engage in negative attention. If someone tries to get you into an argument, simply don't go there. Some people argue because it gives them a feeling of power and gratification. Avoid being sucked into this need for attention. Finally, time to meditate, or pray!

Pope Francis says that Christmas is a "charade" this year because the "whole world is at war"