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Even the most painfully ignorant #Trump supporters will have this sad fact staring them in the face before too long... Screw America, it's all about ME, MYSELF AND I

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I love that song, Me, Myself, and I. The one that sampled George Clinton, you know Im talkin about. Love from Jersey. Peace

WTF, as far as any of us can tell, remains blissfully unaware of any other meanings of this infamous three letter expression. Or perhaps some folks just don't want to listen or change their style. In fact, Wisdom, Tenacity, and Focus are all extremely important. However, humility and purpose are equally crucial. Also, trying not to be arrogant by attacking those who don't always agree with you.

W- George W Bush's Presidency was full of lies and he had an especially peculiar run, to say the least. W was President during Gulf War and 911. Anyone ready to give his a pass in his image remake has got to stop and think.

T- Donald J Trump Some say Trump's self-proclaimed leadership skills need to show lots more compassion and much less ego and the desire to help the rich, including himself. The jury is still out and investigators are busy.

F - Fateful meeting at the tarmac William Jefferson Clinton's less than presidential actions is what got him impeached but his fateful outreach at the tarmac to US Attorney General Loretta Lynch may have caused his wife Hillary Rodham Clinton the election, which she could have won as she easily received the popular vote.

The character of an individual has much to do with who they are and what you'll do once given the opportunity to lead or crash and burn.

We now have The Rock hinting that he may run to be President of The United States of America… Kid Rock has announced he is running for The US Senate… and we have a president who was once a wannabe international playboy and a reality NBC TV celebrity.…

Everyone knows that all improves with diversity and most intelligent people would agree, but seriously?