Submitted by ub on Sun, 05/17/2020 - 09:42

The stakes are higher than ever. Vote for an #impeached GOP POTUS or Experienced Democrat VP. Who will #WeThePeople elect?

Will American citizens allow our nation to disintegrate in pandemonium under the Republicans as they continue to make themselves richer on the backs of average #USA taxpayers with pork projects, unnecessary tax cuts, endless profiteering, insider trading?

Before casting your November ballots, make sure you register to vote by mail now. Then, review the volume of lies about locking people up, POTUS failed promises, and hidden #Trumptaxes, locked up phone call transcripts, and disappearing notes following meetings with Communist dictators. Maturity and mental health demands truths and nothing else.

What did Trump do when he was warned about the Global pandemic and why did he once again fall asleep at the wheel wasting time, attending rallies, playing golf, Tweeting lies, and attacking anyone or any scientific organization which he disagreed with? The #CDC has finally published a website that tracks coronavirus testing in the U.S. But it disagrees with many state governments on how many tests have been performed.  Where's a GOP plan? What's Trump waiting for?

Has the #NIH been muzzled? Will COVID-19 vaccines become available soon or magically disappear?

Phones are getting smarter, so why aren't #USA voters? The White House and our federal government belong to the American people.

We have wasted too much time. The nation needs us.   #VOTE