Your Favorite President

Consider the qualities of US Presidents since FDR using these six criteria:

Public Communication
Organizational Capacity
Political Skill
Cognitive Style
Emotional Intelligence

32 Franklin D. Roosevelt Dem
33 Harry S. Truman Dem
34 Dwight D. Eisenhower Rep
35 John F. Kennedy Dem
36 Lyndon B. Johnson Dem
37 Richard M Nixon Rep
38 Gerald R Ford Rep
39 Jimmy E Carter Dem
40 Ronald W Reagan Rep
41 George H. W. Bush Rep
42 Bill J Clinton Dem
43 George W Bush Rep
44 Barack H Obama Dem
45 Donald J Trump Rep…

The Fred I. Greenstein book for free on - Greenstein is author or editor of eight books on the U.S. presidency and is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Princeton University.

Donald Trump is actually a very unpopular president…

The Bigs Are Starting to Accept the Unimaginable… via @TPM