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Getting started with Feng Shui for your living space can be easy when you start with the basics and to help you get started in your home, here are some tips for beginners. Clear Your Clutter for Good Feng Shui

Then, allow for a fresh color palette inspired by carefree outdoor living breathe new life into your home. it's as easy as a walk in the forest, or on the beach.

Green Chair Set aside a corner of your living space for creating an inviting nook designed for luxurious lounging. Bring in lush green hues and natural colors to satisfy your desire to be outdoors. Just like the avocado green is experiencing a renaissance. Channel your inner nature child and bring the greenery inside.

Green is the color of harmony, balance, well-being and growth, and also represents rebirth and renewal. It is down-to-earth, but also represents prosperity and abundance.
Green hues work exceptionally well with brass and golden metals and polished wood accents like Danish Modern furniture pieces. Complete the room with natural stone and hammered metal accents and you've created an indoor urban garden sanctuary.

Allow nature to nurture your soul and bring home the beach-vibes with cool blue surf-inspired hues and rustic accents. In nature, blue can be found in the sea and the sky. It has universal appeal and is the color most people call their favorite. Lighter hues represents peace, spirituality and serenity by making it the perfect color for a restorative room designed for relaxation. Think of this space as the antidote to the mythical man cave.
Weathered wood accents and found objects like sea shells and wild native grasses help bring a piece of nature indoors. Textiles with stripes, simple graphic patterns and a handmade quality further emphasize the casual cool of this room. Even if you never make it out to the ocean, you'll feel like you're a sun of a beach.