Caribbean Crisis

Submitted by ub on Mon, 07/12/2021 - 19:29

Caribbean counties are taking it to the streets. Consider the protests in Cuba, the president of Haiti assassinated, and Venezuela arrest.

Even a well-intentioned USA intervention in Haiti, Cuba,  Venezuela, or anywhere else in the region will set off alarm bells across the Caribbean and throughout Latin America.

The difficult truth is that America is not going to be the primary engine of political change in either Haiti or Cuba. Meaningful, durable political change in both nations lies in the hands of the populations themselves.

Folks realize that everybody dies eventually. but until that time comes they will tell the world about their personal story of desperation. What’s happening in Cuba has also been happening for years in Venezuela. Authorities there charged opposition politician Freddy Guevara, a close ally of Venezuela National Assembly president Juan Guaidó, with offenses including terrorism and treason following his arrest

I was born in The Caribbean but my family left it all behind because there was no civility afforded for folks with differing points of view,  During my early years, I watched reality television Cuba style, which included firing squads on TV or news coverage of lynchings. 

We would like to have an educated exchange about any issue. Regardless of personal viewpoints, and respect anyone who shows similar considerations, otherwise, Sorry con excuse me. The following should interest folks who are into political science, public affairs, news and information content, and history, which tends to repeat itself. 

My parents taught me to respect anyone who shows similar considerations, otherwise, sorry no excuses. The following days should interest Cuba watchers and Caribbean folks who're into political science, public affairs, news, and history, which tends to repeat itself. 

Thousands protest in Cuba over food shortages and rising prices. Cubans took to the streets Sunday to protest food shortages and high prices amid the pandemic. It was seen as one of the country's biggest anti-government demonstrations in decades. In Miami, people marched in solidarity with Cuban protesters. CBS News national correspondent Manuel Bojorquez reports from Miami with details.…

Large police presence in Cuban capital day after thousands of protests. A defiant Cuban president lashed out at the U.S. embargo in response to protests over economic shortages during the pandemic.…

‘We need help’: Haiti’s interim leader requests US troops…;

The problems of two tiny Caribbean states, Cuba and Haiti, have vexed U.S. presidents for decades. Now, Haiti and Cuba are posing a growing challenge for President Joe Biden that could have political ramifications.