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Remember The Epiphamy

According to history, the GOP initials are synonymous with the Republican Party, but it now appears the grand part is disappearing.

As early as the 1870s, politicians and newspapers began to refer to the Republican Party as both the “grand old party” and the “gallant old party” to emphasize its role in preserving the Union during the US Civil War. 

In spite of its nickname, though, the “grand old party” term was a lie because GOP was only a mere teenager in the early 1870s since the Republican Party had been formed in 1854 by former Whig Party members to opposed the expansion of slavery into western territories.

The “grand old party” moniker was actually first adopted by the Republicans’ elder rival—the Democratic Party—which traced its roots back to Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson.

The in 1994 a hate spewing Republican Congressman delivered his "Contract with America" that began to place bipartisan legislation on the endangered list.

Nearly 25 years later another toxic troll named Trump forced what was remaining on the Republican party into submission. The GOP had been hacking at the foundations of civility for decades by attacking decency, equality, patriotism and endangering American Democracy.

Since their overwhelming loss at the ballot, Republicans crawled into bed with white supremacists, violent militia a totalitarian forms of government. Together, they concocted continuos conspiracy theories to undermine the future of democratic elections.

Top reasons Republicans mock physical features like speech impediments, obesity, handicaps are because they lack policies.;

Repeal Affordable Healthcare;

Rollback EPA protections;

Block Gun Safety Laws;
Cut taxes on The Rich;
Expand gerrymandering;
Obstruct Jan. 6 Investigation;
Combine Chirch & State
Defend Trump’s Lies

Outlaw a person’s right to chose 

Deny voting rights for all Americans



Note:  I have no political affiliation, but I was once recruited by the George HW Bush Administration to head a Spanish-language news and information arm of USIA - The United States Information Agency now known as Radio Televisión Martí Before I was ultimately appointed to the top GM/15-10 post, I was thoroughly investigated and ultimately vetted before being awarded Top Secret National Security Clearance. Once the Democrats took over, I was replaced as it often happens in politics.

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