Thousands Dead in Turkey and Syria

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A powerful earthquake hit southern Turkey and northern Syria on Monday, killing tenths of thousands and injuring many more.

Two enormous cracks in Earth's crust reportedly opened near the Turkish-Syrian border after two powerful earthquakes shook the region on Monday (Feb. 6), so far killing over 37,000 people.

This are sits on the Anatolian plate, one of several “microplates” below the eastern Mediterranean. As a result, its region is unusually seismically active.

Researchers from the U.K. Centre for the Observation & Modelling of Earthquakes, Volcanoes & Tectonics (COMET) found the ruptures by comparing images of the area near the Mediterranean Sea coast taken by the European Earth-observing satellite Sentinel-1 before and after the devastating earthquakes.

The longer of the two ruptures stretches 190 miles (300 kilometers) in the northeastern direction from the northeastern tip of the Mediterranean Sea. The crack was created by the first of the two major tremors that hit the region on Monday, the more powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck at 4:17 a.m. local time (8:17 p.m. EST on Feb. 5). The second crack, 80 miles long (125 km), opened during the second, somewhat milder 7.5-magnitude temblor about nine hours later, COMET said in a tweet on Friday (Feb. 10).

The deadly and destructive sequence of earthquakes near the Turkey and Syria Border has devastated the region.

A sequence of powerful, shallow earthquakes struck on February 6, with the largest measuring M7.8. Violent ground shaking with a maximum intensity of nine was recorded in areas nearest the epicenter. There is no dignity in death.

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