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A fresh fruit addict has been banned for grazing- eating strawberries out of one of the boxes, and refusing to pay for them.

According to published reports his excuse to the manager was the strawberries were too delicious. He's a medical doctor.

URBAN DICTIONARY: Strawberry Talk  A small talk or chit-chat, usually on the phone or online, that two lovers exchange. The content of these talks is usually of a flattering (though not to say insincere) nature. The two lovers talk of their, well, love for each other and praise one another's good aspects. These can include (but are not required to have) elements of sexual suggestion or innuendo. 

The act of talking to someone sweetly, in order to get them on a date, or in bed.

That Casanova was in the midst of a strawberry talk when he turned and said the same thing to another woman!

Note: The Best Friends of the male lover hate these, as they feel it invades "Bro Time". 

"Oh, look, it's Jim on his cell again, having those little strawberry talks with Angela. Doesn't he know how gay that makes him?"

Which store do you think it was?





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