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Which nation’s repressive totalitarian government was the biggest jailer of journalists up to i]and including last year?

China continues to be the world's biggest jailer of journalists – with 121 currently detained.Dec 31, 2023. But the People’s Republic of China is not the only creep country.

A Record Number of Journalists Were Detained Worldwide Prior to Evan Gershkovich’s Arrest

‘It’s gotten worse everywhere,’ the Committee to Protect Journalists says about press freedom…

779 journalists were jailed in 2023, 547 will spend New Year’s Eve in prison

Arbitrary imprisonment of journalists is widely used in many countries to suppress the right to news and information. Nearly 800 journalists were jailed at some point in 2023 and almost 550 will spend the start of 2024 in prison. Nearly half of them are detained in just four countries – China, Myanmar, Belarus and Vietnam.…