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Is this sleepy Don dreaming about the time he had sex with a porn star and hatched an idea to become a Bible salesman?

An old saying, 'Come home to roost' means that the bad things that someone has done have come back to bite or haunt him.

Prosecutors will make history with opening statements in Trump's hush money criminal trial. 

Trump trial live updates: Prosecutors to make opening statements in hush money case

Opening statements in Donald Trump‘s hush money trial begin in a New York court today


This article goes on to point to various aspects of Toddler Trump's character, business dealings, and interactions with the public and the media.

The portrayal highlights his multiple insecurities, his craving for validation from the elite, and his tendency to deflect blame onto others.

There's also a mention of his controversial stance on the Central Park Five case, reflecting his reluctance to admit fault even when evidence suggests otherwise. It's a complex and multifaceted view of a public figure who has been the subject of much scrutiny and debate.

A failed celebrity, politician, adjudicated rapist, and bankrupt business owner who has been divorced a couple of times but appears perfectly happy with the current Christian leadership acceptance. He's all alone in the danger zone and must embrace his newfound solitude.

However, his serenity is shattered when out of the blue comes Lady Justice who can’t see what a mess he is and will soon smell the crap he has surrounded himself with and eventually grabs him by his assets.