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The criminal family whose grandfather was a deported German then his mother entered The United States and stayed here illegally.

A Royal decree ordered Friedrich Trump to leave Bavaria and never come back after he failed to serve in the German military.…

His mother’s citizenship status was apparently incorrectly documented in the 1940 United States census.

He is also an indicted defendant a sexual predator, a fraud and a hypocrite as records confirm his  mother-in-law came to U.S. through process he derided. Melania Trump sponsored her mother to immigrate to the United States through a family-based process that former president Donald Trump aggressively sought to end, according to federal immigration records released.

Tracking the Trump criminal cases. A definitive guide to the key players and legal risks in the four criminal probes of Donald Trump.

For the first 234 years of the nation’s history, no former president had been indicted. Over a five-month span, former Donald Trump was charged in four criminal cases. Together, the indictments accuse him of wide-ranging criminal conduct before, during and after his presidency. This is POLITICO’s up-to-the-minute guide to the four Trump criminal cases.…