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Are xi and Putin these two bosom buddies birds of a feather who appear to be the same kind or nature and very much alike together?

Those two guys appear to be birds of a feather. The expression birds of a feather flock together means that people who are alike tend to do things together.

More than two years into his invasion of Ukraine, China has emerged as a vital ally. It has refused to condemn the war and continues to trade with a heavily sanctioned Russia, much to the ire of the US and the European Union.

Putin is a small white man who rules one third of the Asian landmass from a European city,. He is in China to talk about Anti Imperialism? Russia occupies Chechens, Tatars, Georgians, Moldovans, Ukrainians and is influential in many Latin American dictatorships like Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and others.

Vladimir Putin’s state visit to China was a chance for the Russian president to prove to the world that he has a powerful ally in his corner.

‘Why did China’s Xi Jinping roll out the red carpet for Russia’s Vladimir Putin in strong show of Communist unity?

The Russian leader is widely regarded as a pariah after ordering the invasion of Ukraine. But to China’s President Xi Jinping, he is a key partner in seeking a new world order that is not led by the US.

And Mr Xi made his guest welcome. He rolled out the red carpet, the band played old Red Army songs, and cheering children greeted both leaders as they strolled through Tiananmen Square. There was even a brief hug for the cameras.

Russian and Chinese state media focused heavily on the camaraderie between the two leaders. But in truth, this is no longer a partnership of equals. it appears that Putin needs more. But is China willing to put up? Did Putin arrive in China for his midterm employee review with his big boss Xi?

Russia can't continue to stave off an economic crisis forever.
Moscow is becoming more susceptible to major shocks the longer Putin’s war on Ukraine continues.