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Are you aware of the six compelling reasons to rethink using your phone in the bathroom and prioritize your health over screen time?

Preschoolers who have recently mastered using the potty get lots of joy from crowing over their new ability. Potty talk lets children word-play with their increasing vocabulary and share budding senses of humor as they learn to make and keep friends. Or is it the act of bailing out the water from a toilet in order to converse via the toilet pipes with inmates on another floor whilst incarcerated. Neither!

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Top 6 Surprising Risks Using Your Phone on the Toilet “Think Twice Before using it “…

According to published reports, our health is not valued until sickness comes. In our hyper-connected world, our  phones have become indispensable companions, accompanying us everywhere—even to the bathroom. The  phone, a symbol of convenience and connectivity, turns the sanctuary of the  toilet into yet another stage for digital engagement. But have you ever paused to consider the risks your  phone might bring into this private space? What seems like a harmless habit of checking messages or scrolling through social media while on the  toilet can actually pose surprising dangers. Here are six compelling reasons to rethink using your phone in the bathroom and to prioritize your health over screen time.