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WHY People living in the US spend the most in healthcare and receive the least amount of benefits?

Life Expectancy vs. Health Spending Per Capita

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The COVID-19 pandemic erased nearly two decades of life expectancygains in America. Meanwhile, U.S. health spending per capita is at the highest level in the world.

We visualize life expectancy and per capita healthcare costs across several wealthy nations. Figures were compiled by Peterson-KFF, and are as of 2022.

America Spends a Lot on Healthcare, For Little Gain

As Peterson–KFF bluntly notes, “the U.S. has the lowest life expectancyamongst large, wealthy countries” while their per capita healthcare cost has moved past $12,500 as of 2022

In fact the U.S. is an outlier for both healthcare costs (+$4,600 from next-highest Germany), and in life expectancy (-3.2 years from Germany).