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Are you riding with #Biden or will you try to stay alive under Project 2025 which is gunning for complete retaliation and retribution?

I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I have no political affiliation. The wayI serif, #POTUS is fighting the forces of evil like #Russia which vowed to destroy the #USA after Reagan/Bush helped dissolve the Societ Union, then #Putin invaded its neighbor and has been bombing #Ukraine hospitals for years. Conservatives make false accusations that are confession s Liberals allege mistake made for all the harm done.

So why aren’t more people and many in the media asking that convicted felon Trump, and not Joe Biden, withdraw from the race for the good of the country? The Philadelphia Inquirer wrote an editorial headlined “To serve his country, Donald Trump should leave the race.” Other than that, and perhaps a few comments made by some cable and network news commentators, that’s been about it for the most part. Why is this guy who repeats the big lie allowed to slip by?

Besides #Trump, another one of Putin's puppets is Hungarian PM Victor #Orban who claims "Russia can not be defeated", which is lots of hot air. How did Russia´s failed invasion of Afghanistan go? Russia was defeated and redrew all its forces after 10 years of large casualties. Does Orban how the first Chechen War g?. Or does  Orban not remember it lasted from the 1st of December 1994 to the 31st of August 1996 and ended with Russian defeat? The entire #NATO alliance did not support Chechnya, nor did they have HIMARS, ATACMS, F-16s, Leopards, StormShadows, AGM Hammers, Javelins, etc.... still Russia lost and made an agreement, which they liked with the Minsk 1 & Minsk 2 agreements used to rebuild their military capacity and start the second Chechen war which, Russia won.

Most recently Russia lost the battle of Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Kherson, they lost their Black Sea fleet and the Ukrainians are currently destroying the Russian military which suffers gigantic losses for minimal gains of ground. It seems that both Putin and Ukraine are satisfied with the current development on the battlefield, The Ukrainians kill/destroy lots of Russian soldiers/equipment daily and Putin and his generals can claim success as they advance very, very slowly, but as they do not care about casualties this is seen as a success in Russia.

Saying that Ukraine, with NATO support, with support from G7 will not be able to win is the same as claiming that the Titanic won't sink.

Retribution is at the center of Trump’s third presidential election campaign. He never served in the military and called soldiers suckers, but he wants his followers to believe the following.

“I am your warrior,” Trump proclaimed. “I am your justice, and for those who have been wronged and betrayed, I am your retribution.”

Trump’s loyal surrogates have duly embraced the project — perhaps no one more zealously than Ivan Raiklin, a retired Army Reserve lieutenant colonel and former U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency employee, who bills himself as the former and would-be president’s “future secretary of retribution.”

Trump’s self-styled “secretary of retribution,” has created a “target list” of hundreds of Americans to be arrested.

Trump’s “preposterous” efforts to disavow Project 2025, a rightwing blueprint for a radical takeover of the US government if Trump is re-elected in November, have been derided by former Republican figures.

The Project 2025 plan includes calls for replacing civil servants with Trump loyalists, eliminating the education department, putting the justice department under the president’s thumb, and banning the abortion pill.

Democrats have made concerted efforts to say the 900-plus page document from the right-wing Heritage Foundation “think tank“ would be representative of a second Trump presidency. But although former members wrote it, Trump regularly echoes its policies in his speeches he lied and has tried to disown the initiative.

  • Russia-Ukraine Conflict: The situation in Ukraine has been a complex and devastating conflict, with Russia accused of significant aggression and human rights violations. The conflict has drawn international condemnation and support for Ukraine, particularly from Western countries including the United States.

  • Victor Orban's Statements: Hungarian PM Viktor Orban's comments about Russia's perceived invincibility in historical contexts have been controversial. Orban's political stance often aligns with policies that favor closer ties with Russia, which contrasts with the positions of many other European leaders.

  • Trump and U.S. Politics: The statements attributed to former President Trump suggest a focus on themes of retribution and loyalty among his followers. His alleged plans, as described, reflect a contentious and polarizing approach to governance.