Emergency Hearing on Subway Deaths

Submitted by Admin on Mon, 01/28/2013 - 17:19

On February 7, NYC Council Member James Vacca, who chairs the Transportation Committee, will hold an emergency hearing on the recent spate of deaths in New York City’s subway system and what the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is doing to prevent them.

So far in 2013, subway trains have already killed seven people. In 2012, 141 people were struck by trains, 55 fatally.

Subway ridership consists of all passengers (other than NYC Transit employees) who enter the subway system, including passengers who transfer from buses. Ridership does not include passengers who exit the subway or passengers who transfer from other subway lines, with the exception of out-of-system transfers; e.g., between the Lexington Av/63 St F train icon station and the Lexington Avenue N Line icon Q Line icon R Line icon/59 St 4 Line icon 5 Line icon 6 Line icon station, where customers use their MetroCard to make the transfer.

According to MTA, the total annual NYC subway ridership is 1,640,434,672