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A popular Broadway show that offers life lessons on Segregation, Tolerance and Bullying is scheduled to air live tonight @8P on NBC-TV.

HAIRSPRAY is the musical for troubled times across America that tells a story of a plump teenager, who tries to land a coveted spot on a dancing show and campaigns to end segregation in a heavily white program.

A showboat of stars, including Jennifer Hudson, Martin Short, Ariana Grande and Harvey Fierstein will perform the large-scale production live on network television and for 500 audience members.

Hairspray Live cast hopes message of unity helps America heal via @nbcnews

'Hairspray Live' continues a long tradition.…

What’s on TV: ‘Hairspray Live!’ and ‘Shut Eye’

TV tonight: 'Hairspray Live,' 'Lethal Weapon' via @usatoday

For additional information about bullying and how to deal with it: IDONTCARE.US

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Ariana Grande is so hot. My cousin is a backup dancer on tour with her and they have a bit of a sexual relationshio as well. He showed me some pictures whe sent him, wow, she would be some embarrassed if TMZ got those. She supposedly is very egotistical as well but what do you expect?