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Submitted by ub on Sun, 04/22/2018 - 12:43

Since the beginning of my second career first, as an academic, and second a blogger, I have served as a distinguished visiting professor at various US Colleges and Universities throughout the East, West, and Midwest.

The following is an anonymous sample of what some of my students have said about me.…

As you can see, I've taught at HBCU, including private and public institutions of higher learning. But don't be impressed, this simply means that I am a traveling gypsy scholar.

My style is evolving towards other bloggers and vloggers, who write and produce audio podcasts or video blogs, which is a form of blog for which a medium takes the form of Worldwide Web TV.

At the same time, I try out for assorted gigs because I enjoy working with most students.
Many are fantastic, few awful, but overall I like teaching different courses wondering if I had gone to this one, instead of that one, where I would have ended up.

To be, or not to be TENURED. Where and how will it end? I will have to wait and see.