GOP Family Feud

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The Republican Party is referred to as the GOP and it is one of the two major US political parties.

But recently, it appears like they are the ones who could not shoot straight unless it is to give tax breaks to the wealthy minority.

A real fight is taking shape inside the GOP and the bumpy road ahead may just be what Democrats need to get back on the good footing for 2018.

The Republicans have had a thin 51-49 majority in the Senate, but an increasing family feud does not look like it is going to be ending any time soon and all signs ahead indicate road rage.

There is a lot at stake for The GOP as primary voters in West Virginia, Indiana, Ohio and North Carolina cast their ballots. The Republicans hoped to expand its narrow, 51-seat Senate majority in November's general elections. But GOP contenders are locked in bitter battles. POTUS urged voters to reject Blankenship, tweeting that they should "remember Alabama" a reference to the candidate he supported who lost in a special Senate election last year.

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