Lowering The Bar?

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Trump's Justice Department may be getting yet another Attorney General. This time he's chosen an individual who has also passed the bar and claims he will not be bullied.

William Barr, the attorney general-nominee, endures a mostly sleepy day before the Senate Judiciary Committee.
He reiterated that he would let special counsel Robert Mueller finish his work. But he cast doubt on the question of whether Mueller’s report will be made public by the Justice Department.

Barr’s surprisingly pro-pot position. A nominee seeking to reassure senators about his independence. More from a long day of little drama and plenty of speeches.

William Barr, Trump’s nominee boasts independence from the White House and states that Robert Mueller’s investigation is not a “witch hunt.”

As he continues confirmation hearings today, he has lined up a series of character witnesses before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Yesterday Barr said that President Donald Trump exacted no promises of favoritism and that he would not direct the Justice Department as an extension of the White House.

He also said he would seek the advice of Justice ethics officials on whether he should recuse himself from overseeing Robert Mueller's Russia investigation, but he would not commit to following their recommendation. However, when the subject of immigration came up, Barr sounded very much like the president.

If confirmed as the head of the Justice Department for a second time, – Barr served as attorney general under George H.W. Bush's administration in 1991, he will replace ousted Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

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