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Warzone NYC: Mayor Eric Adams reveals two refugee-style CAMPS to deal with the migrant crisis - and taunts Texas and Florida for 'abdicating their moral duty to support arriving asylum seekers
Eric Adams revealed plans to open two refugee-style camps for the thousands of incoming migrants
One of the sites will be in Orchard Beach, in the Bronx, but the location of the second hasn't been confirmed
He claimed it proved his moral triumph over Texas and Florida, who he claims turned their backs on the issue
The vast majority of the migrants say they want to come to New York, a sanctuary city where their chances of being turned in to ICE are slimmer
Florida Gov. Ron de Santis and Texas' Greg Abbott sent them duly north - to the outrage of Adams and others
The Republicans say it calls the bluff of the rich liberal elite who claim to be pro-immigration without living through the true scale of the crisis…