Take Your Child To Work

Submitted by ub on Sun, 06/30/2019 - 22:51

The following are Do's And Don'ts concerning Take Your Kids To Work Day. Every year, more than 37 million Americans at over 3.5 million workplaces participate in a national program called Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day. #UnwantedIvanka Is The Latest Trump Family Meme. Ivanka Trump doesn’t have any foreign policy experience. She does have trademarks in 18 of the G20 countries. So why was she representing the #USA at the G20?

Diminishing Results

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Close but no cigar, all foam and no beer, where’s the beef? POTUS visit to Asia was more about photo ops than solid results.

He used the G-20 summit trip to embrace the leaders of Russia, China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and others with little to show.
Trump trades negotiations for compliments while sidestepping issues with some of the most troublesome global figures.

So where are all those accomplishments he promised and what are Americans winning with his clown-like crown antics? POTUS is not fooling anyone but himself.

Don't Give Up On US

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As we continue to live in a toxic political environment, some Americans may witness the decline of self-esteem in each one of US as we endure month after month of poor leadership and dysfunction inside this great nation. But remember, it takes courage not to be discouraged.

We are amazed at the changes as the situation continually grows worse. If anyone could have taken a before photo before and then an after, the physical manifestations of the negativity endured would be staggering.

White House Racism?

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Donald Trump Jr., the president’s eldest son, shared another person’s tweet during the Democratic debate this week that falsely claimed Senator Kamala Harris was not black enough to be discussing the plight of black Americans. He later deleted it.

Putin’s Russia is also apparently still at it, and bots were highly activated this weekend following @TheDemocrats debates. They are now attacking Kamala Harris. Will #Congress hold an impeachment inquiry, and clean up the mess, or will these actions become increasingly sophisticated for the 2020 VOTE?.

This Ain’t No Party

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As a former GM-15/10 Division Chief for President #GeorgeHWBush, I often ask myself how on earth did #Republicans allow the Grand Old Party aka @GOP to go from the party of #AbrahamLincoln to the one of #BarryGoldwater then to #RichardNixon and now to @realDonaldTrump and for what reason?

Trump treats #USA and our nation’s election security as a big joke with the man who everyone agrees and evidence proves he violated it multiple times.

Not Fun and Games

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Whether the President seriously warns Putin against interference in our next election is never a private matter between Trump and Putin. This is of utmost national security imperative and critical to deterring further #Russia meddling.
This is undoubtedly and without question, the business of the American people.

POTUS shares a chuckle with a despot who kills. Journalists are not the enemy of the people - We Are The People. Those who would seek to silence the free press are tyrants.

The Bronx Bug Vibes

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You may have never heard of this type of phone bugs. Does the NYC 911 Emergency Call Center has an internal emergency?

Bed bugs are the most difficult pest problems to eliminate. The solution for bed bugs can be expensive and beyond the means of many. If you cannot afford to hire professionals and attempt a do-it-yourself bed bug control, there are things you can do, including The Mayor and City Council.

With diligence, patience and hard work, NYC has a fighting chance of getting rid of bed 🕷bugs in their emergency call center. Does Better Dead than Red apply here?

Debate Debacle

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Many took time yo criticize Chuck Todd, NBC moderator's performance at the debacle, his tone, and the substance of his questions, and one moment near the end when he asked each candidate to name the biggest “geopolitical” threat in a single word. For viewers hoping for more substantive debate, some said what the hell was that?

Mueller He Votes

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Live from DC and streaming directly into your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and TV. Its the moment Americans have been waiting for.

Mueller, he wrote and will now share a narrative note as the long-time Republican war hero who really served in the USA Military without dodging the draft or lying about bone spurs is coming to testify before Congress for all Americans to see and hear. This may mean that impeachment hearings finally here.

Exposing The Truth

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Veracity, sincerity, candor, honesty, genuineness; gospel, accuracy, correctness, rightness, validity, factualness, factuality, authenticity; TRUTH

Human beings on earth have worshipped TRUTH. From tribal beliefs and organized faiths, they hold truths as their best option.

Truth is in the eyes of a beholder, as some would argue using terms like alternative facts.