OurAmerica NeustraAmerica 我们的美国

Submitted by ub on Fri, 04/12/2019 - 14:49

Our people in our nation are being attacked by some bad men and we must protect everyone that keeps our democracy safe. That includes journalists, the postulates, and the people who run our elections.

Vuestra gente en nuestra nación están siendo atacados por algunos hombres malos y debemos proteger a todos lo que mantienen segura nuestra democracia. Eso incluye periodistas, los postulados, y las personas que dirigen nuestras elecciones.

我们的国家遭到一些坏人的攻击,我们必须保护每个保护我们民主安全的人。 这包括记者,假设和参加选举的人。

WikiLocked Up

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Police officials at Scotland Yard have arrested Julian Assange, but there are reportedly back channel moves to protect him from death.

The WikiLeaks founder was arrested by police in London when Ecuador decided to withdraw his lengthy diplomatic asylum.

The president of Ecuador reportedly received guarantees from The UK that Julian Assange would not be extradited to any nation which could charge him with crimes leading to the death penalty. He adds that Vladimir Putin says Russia wants Assange's rights must be observed following his arrest.

Doctor No Returns

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Two US Cabinet members continue denying the American public the real facts while they appear to be protecting POTUS from a government in the sunshine. They keep saying yes, but so far its a big NO!

One was shielding Trump's taxes, while the other has yet to release the #TrumpRussia report which The President said he had no problem with its release after continually attacking the Republican war hero and Special Counsel who prepared it.

US Homeland Security?

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What's up with a balance of powers and the oath? "I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States."

Congress Grills Bill

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While US Attorney General Bill Barr may insist on protecting POTUS, he is being grilled by Congress over the next days.

First, members of The Democratic majority US House of Representatives, followed by Republican-leaning US Senators, who may be mounting a political pressure campaign to insist on the release of the full version of Bob Mueller's #TrumpRussia probe report.

Wasting Time

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When it comes to media, there is always something new to do, but a life spent online is a dull one indeed. Some say that wasting time is fulfilling and relaxing, while others claim its an unnecessary evil.

At least according to one published study from The Journal of Communication, ego depletion as a mechanism influencing media‐based stress recovery processes. Using structural equation modeling, relationships between ego depletion, procrastination, guilt, enjoyment, vitality, and recovery experience were tested using data from an online survey.

Trump Storm Continues To Form

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Another one bites the dust and it looks like there a huge storm away from any norm to bring fear for the remaining year or more that’s yet to come.

City Island Prince

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Queen Arlene and her King Josue have just brought home their new Prince Sebastian Rivera. The 8 pounds 13-ounces bundle of joy was born at Westchester's North Shore University Hospital on 4/4 at 5:55 but just arrived home with his gorgeous mom, following a C-section birth. Although both are US citizens, Arlene is originally from The Dominican Republic and Josue is from Puerto Rico. These Bronx homeowners are health-care professionals who live on King Avenue.

Bridging The GOP

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Did anyone really believe The President and his Republican puppets when they vowed to repair our crumbling infrastructure?

There is an alarming need for funding #USA infrastructure projects. America's infrastructure poor grades from public engineers with rightening examples of highways and bridges in disrepair. Besides the threats to public safety, unreliable infrastructure is a competitive disadvantage that costs the economy billions in lost productivity every year.

Scientific Wellness Indicators

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What do deep wrinkles in between our eyebrows really indicate? It most likely means something extremely particular, according to RD published reports.

What may facial wrinkles be trying to tell us? What do the lines on a face say about our health? It may be an indication for a greater risk of heart disease.