The Year of The Wolf

Submitted by ub on Wed, 01/02/2019 - 01:44

Lone wolf Donald will show his true colors this year. When the #TrumpRussia investigation is completed, prepare for extreme chaos.

Special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation is continuing into another year that may deliver more revelations and political heat than the ever and perhaps a Big Bang.

Also, on this year of the pig, also expect the dirtiest of all tricks to surface, so be prepared because a political storm is on its way.

Besides, Congress is about to make things more difficult for President Trump after We The People voted in 2018

Happy News Year 2019

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Never forget your friends, because they will be more important as we get older.

Regardless of how much we love our family, we will always need friends. Remember to occasionally go out with them, do activities, and phone 212.300.7492

Insofar as time and nature carry out their designs and mysteries, friends will become invaluable.

After many years of life, here's what I learned:

2019 Collusion Resolution

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As we all know, collusion is an agreement which is sometimes illegal–but always secretive–to limit open competition by deceiving, misleading, or defrauding others of their legal rights, or to obtain an objective forbidden by law typically by defrauding or gaining an unfair market advantage. It is an agreement among individuals to divide a market, set prices, limit production or limit opportunities.

Between a Brick Wall and Hard Steel Plates

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USA taxpayers have been listening to lies for too long and this may be the right time for Americans to make a collective new years resolution and demand government in the sunshine.

This nation needs truthful, ethical and law-abiding elected officials to fully understand their entire job description. They work for -We The People and must take the meaning of the term public service seriously.

Gone But Not Forgotten

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Rest in peace is used in traditional Christian services and prayers, such as in the Anglican, Lutheran, Methodist, and Roman Catholic denominations, sometimes to wish the soul of a decedent eternal rest and peace in Christ.

No. 1 story of 2018 isn't anything Donald Trump has done. It's the death of John McCain.…

RIP: Farewell to tech that died in 2018

Comfort and Joy

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Yirong does not smoke nor drinks coffee or alcohol. RoB does on special occasions. Yirong and Roberto Soto share an increasingly great relationship as well as ? love, respect, and mutual admiration. They’re extremely proud of their wonderful family and enjoy a comfortable life.

During the Christmas and New Years holidays, they are both thankful for how blessed they are to have terrific children, grandkids friends, and some nice neighbors. Happy New Year to all...etc.

Straight No Chaser - Christmas Cheers Oh, tidings of comfort and joy,

What We Do For Love

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I'm the first to admit that I do not like flying because I've been on too many crazy flights to last a lifetime. This year, they were turbulent, with crying babies on board and some additional drama.

Also, I feel inexplicably crappy, tired, dehydrated, and with a headache whenever I fly. This time I had an ear and nose congestion, which made the journey extra painful. Sitting in a small, pressurized metal compartment at 33,000 feet for several hours wreaks havoc.

2018 Distraction and Destruction

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Once upon a time, Americans had a dream of democracy and liberty for all, a healthy hope, an ingenious idea, and a great goal.

Then, not the majority but some voters chose to place their bets on a fraudster and ruin the lives of many #American living in the #USA filled with distractions followed by destructions.

POTUS record in office has been a real failure. with a legislative achievement being a massive tax cut for the rich who wasted it.

NYC Blue

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For all New Yorkers who were shocked by last night's blue horizon, here are the facts we can tell you. Con Edison says an electrical fault at a substation in Queens, was to blame for a strange blue light that lit up the skies of New York City  

NYC utility probes electric flash that lit sky in eerie blue