As Easy As 1 2 3?

Submitted by ub on Sun, 10/16/2016 - 20:44

Not really, only one person will win the election in just 23 days and you can have a say, regardless of all the talk about a rigged election. However, the slugfest is bound to get uglier before the knockout punch is delivered.

Take a deep breath and realize that this toxic camp pain is coming to an end and the presidential election will finally end in 23 days.

However, if one of the candidates refuse to accept the results, a Constitutional crisis will occur undermining the norms that have made the United States the world’s leading democracy for the past 240 years. However, experts agree that rigging an election is almost impossible.

Rigging an election is a lot harder than you might think

Trump charges U.S. election results being rigged 'at many polling places'

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However, the damage has been done and camp pains will continue to last for years.
Analysis: Trump 'rigged' vote claim may leave lasting damage…