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These are times when we see dramatic changes in how what and where folks want to get news and information content.

Given IMAGINUS' vast experience in administration, content, and data strategy, we help lead our clients and organizations into the future. Communications strategists with extensive multilingual and multicultural production, branding, and editorial expertise.

At Imaginus, we offer administration, production, media relations, multilingual content creation, and the development of a wide range of print and digital communications.

Only a few media executives can boast the accomplishments that our senior executive Roberto FE Soto can. His exceptional leadership with reporting that early on embraced the mission of previous journalists. He fought for what was right - to give a voice to all, and fearless pursuit of truth. To lead in a great tradition while introducing innovations in news gathering and storytelling is an incredible honor.

Soto has served as a reporter and anchor, writer, editor, producer, division chief, station manager, and most recently, the head of content and data strategy for AP Television for North America. He developed, designed, and directed the start-up for News 12 in NYC and APTN implementing unit data strategy and incorporating the use of analytics to guide content and the aggregation of community resources. Professor Soto has been educating journalism students as well as training professional communicators and has formed digital content strategies including social and digital platforms for multilingual media outlets.

Soto teaches anchors and reporters on-air style, the importance of raising Q Scores, learning how to use innovative technologies that modernize storytelling, as well as managers on real-time data analysis and recruitment. SVP Roberto FE Soto offers a successful track record of start-ups and turn-around projects. Soto is a creative thinker who has fully embraced news and information content as he develops innovative ways to interface with all media. Soto is an idea man and an active team player.

He holds advanced academic degrees and effectively engages others who are committed to global communications. Soto is a proven leader in academia and global media.

Together, we can develop content, upgrade plans, and creative direction for any organization. My cultural initiatives and inspirational leadership promote career paths for team members to feel valued. By serving non-profit, private, government, and academic institutions, I have used my people skills as an effective multilingual communicator, a senior administrator, a leader, a creative thinker, a problem-solver, a visionary, a researcher, and a scholar. I thrive at the core of digital media, but there's no such thing as a free launch.

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Roberto FE Soto left the so-called Dark side writing the first draft of history and moved towards a brighter side in academia. Following early retirement from The Associated Press. His career spans broadcast/cable, government, and non-profits as a reporter, anchor, editor, executive producer, news director, station manager, division chief, director of broadcast operations, and chief of bureau. Roberto writes, produces, and develops content with multiple awards for news series and documentaries in English and other languages.

"As an educator, I have taught in-person courses at public and private institutions, in California, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, New Jersey, and New York, as well as other locations online "

Education • Bachelor of Fine Arts: Speech Communication, Florida International University • Masters: Mass Communication, William Paterson University • Fellow, Poynter Institute for Media Studies

Professional Organizations and Certifications • National Member: American Film Institute • Licensee: Federal Communications Commission • Certified: Society of Broadcast Engineers Society of Professional Journalists  SAG/AFTRA • Member: National Press Club Assorted Awards • Alfred I DuPont Award for NBC News • News EMMY Award for Telemundo • VOA Innovation Awards for USIA-TV • Gatekeeper Forum on Media Diversity Columbia J School for Academia • "100 Influential Hispanics" for Univision

Research and Teaching Areas include multilingual news, public affairs, and international communication. Strengthening public support for digital news and information content. I have researched student-run media and conducted campus polling. Courses taught include Broadcast Journalism, Mass Communications, Marketing Research, History of Journalism, Marketing Research, Writing For Media, Studio and Field Production, Public Relations, Advertising, Business Communication, Public Speaking, Propaganda, and other courses in English and Spanish.

Selected Documentaries and Publications NBC News * The Source Report "Look Well At The Rainbow" Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba "Kent State" 4 Students Dead in Ohio "El Salvador" Civil War in Central America "The Sound That Wouldn't Die" The Swing Music Era "Abbie Hoffman Focus" Youth International Party Founder Telemundo/Univision Spanish-language "Fronteras De Sangre" Children Killed Crossing US Border "Paredes De Carton" Living Homeless in Los Angeles "Mama Porque Yo Muero?" Children Migrant Worker Deaths Branding,

Start-ups, and Turnaround Projects NBC Radio Network: The Source Spanish International Network: Univision Netspan: Telemundo HBC Voice of America: TVM Cablevision: News 12 Worldwide Television News: APTN #Imaginus #DONews #Facebook With online, broadcast, cable, and film credits, RFE Soto works on high-profile projects.

Roberto FE Soto is known as a passionate multilingual communicator, team leader and motivator, creative thinker, scholar, researcher, problem-solver, and visionary. He has served as the core of historic programming and digital innovations, including broadcast, cable launches, media start-ups, and troubled turnarounds. NBC News Overnight" "TODAY" Univision Noticias: Noticiero Telemundo: TVM: * News 12 NYC: AP Television: Imaginus Media: Education • Bachelor of Fine Arts: Speech and Theater, Florida International University • Masters: Communication, William Paterson University

Professional Organizations and Certifications • National Member: American Film Institute • Licensee: Federal Communications Commission • Certified: Society of Broadcast Engineers • Member: Society of Professional Journalists • Member: SAG/AFTRA Soto has appeared on stage and in films his credits include major motion pictures, as well as broadcasts. He has anchored, reported, written, produced, and developed content for print, online, broadcast, and cable news. Soto's teams have earned multiple awards for broadcasts and documentaries in English and Spanish. Awards • Hispanic "100 Influential Hispanics" • Alfred, I DuPont Award Recipient NBC News Overnight • News EMMY Awards Recipient Telemundo • VOA / USIA Innovation Awards Recipient • Gatekeeper Forum on Media Diversity Columbia J-School Research and Teaching Soto's research includes multilingual media and international communications. Currently, he is developing public support for an anti-bullying campaign with digital information content. Soto has directed student-run media, taught marketing research, and successfully published campus marketing and political polling reports.

Courses taught by Professor Soto include Broadcast Journalism, Mass Communications, Marketing Research, History of Journalism, Marketing Research, Writing For Media, Studio and Field Production, Public Relations, Advertising, Business Communication, Public Speaking, Media Propaganda, and other courses in English and Spanish.

His major motion picture credits include a journalist in the major motion picture, "Bulworth", when a rogue US Senator is disillusioned with politics. The forlorn statesman orders a contract killing so his family will be able to collect a fortune from his insurance policy. Facing imminent death, a devil-may-care politician speaks his mind in public, forsaking platitudes for honest but controversial observations. But he falls in love with a hip younger woman and rethinks his impending murder. "Bulworth":

Media Start-ups and Turnaround Project NBC Radio Network: The Source was a young adult network focusing on 18- to 34-year-olds. The network was sold, along with the rest of NBC's radio operations in August 1987. The Source was absorbed into Westwood One.

Spanish International Network: Univision Federal Communications Commission refuses to renew the licenses of the Televisa-owned SICC stations, ruling that they were under the control of Azcarraga and his relatives in violation of the 20 percent legal limit on ownership by foreigners. Around 1989 SICC / Spanish International Network / Univision sold to Hallmark and its minority partner, First Chicago Venture Capital, which established Univision Holdings Inc. By the terms of the sale, SIN, which was newly renamed the Univision Network. Netspan:

HBC Telemundo became affiliated with stations in several regions of the country, In In1992, Telemundo underwent a management change, appointing former Univision folks who resigned from that network after discovering in an FCC filing that a purchase of the network from Hallmark that Univision would increase its reliance on programming from Televisa to levels that resulted in him concluding that there would be fewer opportunities for the addition of local programs on Univision's stations and was subsequently joined by four of that other Univision executives to head the network

Voice of America: TVM The Voice of America began broadcasting in 1942 to combat Nazi propaganda with accurate and unbiased news and information. Ever since then, VOA has served the world with a consistent message of truth, hope, and inspiration. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union at the end of 1991, the budget for all U.S.-government-run foreign broadcasters was reduced. In 1996, It was a US-government-run foreign policy global media platform.

Cablevision News 12 The Bronx The station was launched in June 1998 as the sixth channel of the News 12 Networks; it reaches more than 300,000 cable television households in The Bronx. News 12 The Bronx produces Spanish-language news updates for its website and News 12 Interactive News 12 El Bronx en Español.

Worldwide Television News: APTN The Associated Press acquired Worldwide Television News from ABC News and developed it into the existing APTV service into a new global video news agency, Associated Press Television News. APTN provides video of the day's top stories to hundreds of television news customers around the globe, making it the world's leading video news agency. APTN has dedicated resources to 83 news bureaus operating in 67 countries, supplemented and supported by newsgathering in 154 other AP bureaus and news supply agreements with global television news organizations. The newly named service combines and integrates APTV, AP's 4-year-old global video news service, with WTN, a leading supplier of international video news since 1963. 

Roberto FE Soto serves as a senior manager in the public sector, as well as in the private industry. Soto started his career as a CEO Communicator Encouraging Others aka student intern for The Washington Post and went on to serve as NY Bureau Chief and Director of Network Operations for Associated Press TV. Soto works in academia and as a media consultant addressing issues relating to international media and multilingual information content. Throughout his career, Soto has developed and implemented launches at Univision, Telemundo, VOA, and Associated Press Television News. Soto has a distinguished career managing various media operations and leading teams in the planning of special events and programs. He is also experienced in liaising with senior executives, board members, and politicians while coordinating with legal and business affairs to ensure compliance and administrative control of the budget.

During his distinguished career, he has covered natural disasters, foreign conflicts, race relations, organized crime, politics, and corruption. Soto is a multilingual communicator, with the heart of a novelist and the mind of a scientist. Soto holds advanced degrees and enthusiastically pursues his mission of creating multimedia content. As an award-winning producer, an executive, an administrator, and a distinguished professor, he tirelessly achieves an inclusive workplace, promoting diversity and equality. Soto has served as a board member as well as several advisory committees, as a juror for The International Emmy Awards, as Gatekeeper at Columbia University, as a Poynter Institute fellow, and as an Alfred I DuPont Award Winner, and has been listed among "100 Influential Hispanics".

Soto's varied experience will be invaluable to continue to meet our present and future consumers' changing needs and demands. He has extensive knowledge of production, excellent research and writing skills, solid copy editing, and communication skills, along with SEO, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media, HTML, Photoshop skills, blog publishing, and content management systems. RFE Soto offers a successful track record of start-up programs and turn-around projects in California, Texas, New York, and Washington, DC. Roberto Soto is a creative thinker who has fully embraced multilingual and multicultural information content as he develops innovative ways to interface with all media. Soto is an idea man, an active team player, and a proven leader in academia and global media. 


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