Roberto FE Soto

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​​​​​​As a young political refugee, multilingual communicator, and US citizen now, I know that my stretched mind causes a spiritual fire.

It has allowed me to embrace new hopes and aspirations to become involved with startups and turnaround projects in a couple of languages. I keep the faith, never lose hope and practice charity. 

I've served as a Manager for a major nonprofit, with the government, and also with commercial companies in major media markets. My work, devotion, and commitment strategy and failure are never an option. This mission can be contagious.

My eclectic projects vary from media to academia dedicating my career to programs and content creation for Washington, Post-Newsweek, WPLG, NBC, Univision, Telemundo, VOA, TriState University, ASU, and NYIT.  I also hold advanced degrees from USA academic institutions.

Promoting multicultural diversity is a win because everything improves with representative inclusion. My approach yields intelligence that adapts to diverse cooperative communications, in what could be a win for humanity.

I lead by example, roll up my sleeves, and keep an open mind to new ideas and concepts. I never ask anyone to perform a function I have not previously done. I try to be a motivational, democratic, and affiliative coach, a visionary, a servant, a pacesetter, as well as participative, transactional, and transformational.

My open-door policy offers to balance all professional goals with our personal relationships. Everyone and all ideas are always important to consider in the process of growing our organization. 

  • Knowledge of current media, technology, and telecommunications issues 
  • Experienced advocating before federal, state, and local legislatures and agencies
  • Decades of directly relevant experience in a nonprofit. public interest organizations
  • Ability to manage details, solve problems, and follow through on targets and metrics
  • ​​Gather information from trusted and reliable sources and prepare analysis and strategic plans
  • Advanced degrees paired with issue expertise and a background in public policy, and communications
  • Entrusted with sensitive information to conduct daily activities with utmost professionalism and integrity
  • Ability to effectively work with highly sensitive personnel, financial, operational, and political information
  • Management and supervisory experience with demonstrated ability to recruit, motivate and mentor staff
  • Strong writing skills and the ability to write for multiple audiences as well as the ability to produce summaries
  • Proficiency in setting strategy, marshaling resources, delegating, managing, and evaluating progress reports
  • Attention to detail with flexibility, and demonstrated capacity to operate in a fast-paced development environment.

I'm a self-starter, highly collaborative, dynamic, empathetic, and patient. Strong hands-on experience in all facets of athletics is essential. The candidate should desire to work in a collegial, vision-minded atmosphere with ample amounts of both challenges and laughter. It is important that the successful candidate create a culture that supports teamwork, increases productivity and efficiency, and enhances the retention of staff and coaches.  

Also, I have an impeccable track record of integrity as well as knowledge of best practices and the latest trends. 

As a media maestro and a multilingual storyteller, regardless of the platform, I try to have content inspire folks to take action by creating compelling content.

While no two days are the same in this chose career path, I enjoy rolling up my sleeves and digging in, becoming a strategic partner in developing campaign concepts, and producing dynamic cross-channel content, as well as think videos, ebooks, webinars, and interactive experiences, but that is not all folks... I like to to take my job and love it.