Rubber Soul

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The Beatles’ Rubber Soul was the sixth studio album by the British superstars. It was released in 1965 just before Christmas.

This LP had A&E - Advice, and Entertainment. It was written by the quiet one, but have no fear, he made himself heard loud and clear. Here's the final product of a productive recording session.

Rock guitar players in a host of styles have found the song invaluable, whether it’s the sprawling and fiery work of Mdou Moctar or the ominous and apocalyptic sounds made by Sunn 0))). You wouldn’t necessarily think of either artist as being a direct musical descendent of the FabFour.

Buried in the middle, listen to this gem of a song 🎶 that entertains and doles out sound advice by author George Harrison, who tells Beatlemaniacs to think for themselves. It is their beginning of experimenting with sounds.

As Harrison said when looking back on the session, a decision by a recording engineer made a huge difference in the final product. “When Phil Spector was making ‘Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah’, the engineer who’s set up the track overloaded the microphone on the guitar player and it became very distorted,”

It was most likely the first instance of a band recording using a fuzz pedal rather than achieving a similar effect with the amplifier. The Beatles liked how it sounded and ran with it — and, it became the beginning of their experiments with wild tracks.

Run for your life and listen to the entire RUBBER SOUL album. It's jolly good and the popularity also proves it.

The #FabFour - The most influential band of all time and integral to the development of new sounds.