Hurricane Preparations and Web Links

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As Irene gets closer to New York City, City Islanders who live near the water are preparing.
88 year old Russel Schaller says he's making sure his flashlight and portable radio have fresh batteries. He is just one of many residents, who flocked to area stores to stock up on water and emergency supplies. Others, who live on the waterfront are preparing for possible flooding.

Meanwhile, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has held news conferences to warn New Yorkers, who live in coastal areas to prepare for potential evacuations.


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IRENE, the first major hurricane to hit USA in three years may soon be making landfall and this storm may hit far from where such storms normally strike, so please prepare ASAP.

Officials say it’s still too early to tell exactly how hard Irene might hit NYC, with weekend scenarios ranging from sunny and breezy to rainy and dangerously windy, NOAA’s National Hurricane Center offers tips on preparing for the high winds, heavy rains and flooding.

Develop a Plan:


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It appears that we will be facing some potentially dangerous weather this weekend.

As Hurricane Irene approaches the New York area, thee congressman wanted to share with some information from the Red Cross and New York City's Office of Emergency Management to help us all prepare for the storm.

Also, if you have neighbors who are elderly or otherwise might not be able to care for themselves, I hope you take a moment to check in with them and make sure they have the necessary supplies, such as groceries, flashlights, batteries and bottled water.

ORCHARD BEACH - When You're No 2... Work Harder 2 Improve

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Sun of a beach- A recently released report on NYC beaches got some attention, but not for Orchard Beach. But Orchard Beach's shoreline has seen tremendous improvements and the promenade is being upgraded to look even better than it used to be.

it just goes to show that when you're number two, you just have ti try harder. Kudos, NYC Parks. Keep up the good work. Next time we'll be listed as the best beach in the city.

Headlines 8/25/11

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TRACK IRENE's PATH. Prepare for Hurricane.

IS KHADAFY GONE? $2 Million Bounty For Moammar.

FORECLOSURES DROP. Home Sales Improve.

APPLE LOST IT'S CORE. Jobs is Gone - Stock Value Drops.

WEDDINGS DECREASE. Census Says Divorces Increase.


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MUST REGISTER by Friday, September 2: Potter’s Field Memorial Service on HART ISLAND
Arranged by Picture the Homeless and Interfaith Friends of Potters Field, this Hutchinson Year event will take place on THURSDAY, September 15--Only 12 people allowed. Lunch & brief talk follow at City Island Community Center. Please contact Anika: 646-314-6423 or HYPERLINK "" for complete details and registration. If full, register for November 17th trip now or by Friday, November 4 FREE

Jumping Jack is Back

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Jack Hopkins can no longer claim he's 59+ The big 60 is here. And as usual, Jack likes to hold up the back. Here he is celebrating with his two gorgeous gals. Invited to the birthday bash were a diverse group of friends from all over the world. Many traveled from far away just to wish jumping Jack a happy birthday. The cast included neighbors and old friends from his radical school days. There was singing and playing at his country home, located in a cul de sac, not far from the Delaware Water Gap.


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With at least four aftershocks being registered, following yesterday's 5.8 eathquake that shook the east coast, some New Yorkers are understandably shaken, to say the least. According to USGS officials, there may be more to come. They say typically, the greater the tremor, the greater and longer extent of future aftershocks.

Finally, this is certainly not the time to let our guards down. In case you have not heard yet, Hurricane IRENE may be heading our way. So this is the time to plan ahead just in case Hurricane winds come to US.

OEM Suggests Emergency 3 DAY KIT: