Washington Vigil

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Mrs. Judy Gross, the wife of Alan Gross, spoke at a vigil in front of the Cuban Interests Section in Washington, DC. Mr. Gross was arrested in Cuba in December 2009 after being caught illegally bringing communications equipment onto the island. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison for crimes against the state.


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This Saturday's trail day at the Orchard Beach meadow is canceled.

Next trail day is Saturday, 10/8 at the same location.

Plans are to go forward with two events this Sunday barring further notice.

Bronx Native American Festival
Sunday, 9/25
12 noon - 4 PM
Meadow across the dog run at Pelham Bay Park

The Orchard Beach Pavilion - Past, Present and Future
An Illustrated Talk by Deborah Wye
Sunday, 9/25
2 PM
City Island Nautical Museum
190 Fordham Street


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The Central Park Film Festival and the New York International Latino Film Festival kick off this month.

The 9th Annual Central Park Film Festival takes place at Rumsey Playfield. Screenings are free and guests are allowed to bring their own food. Films start at 8pm; gates open at 6:30pm at the Mineral Springs, just north of the Sheep Meadow, mid-park at 69th Street.

Tuesday, August 23: El Cantante, a story about the creator of the salsa movement, Hector Lavoe (Marc Anthony), and how he brought the phenomenon to the United States.

2011 Media Ethics Video Winner

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Media Ethics Cine

The winner of the media ethics short video contest in 2011 is Lupica Alexandru from Romania. Congratulations and thanks for the great work!

Media Ethics Cine announcement

Do you care about how journalists operate? And do you have what it takes to make a ‘viralicious’ media ethics video? CIME is looking for enthusiastic contestants to create CIME's first media ethics short video to stream across our network and the wider media world. If the answer is yes, then keep on reading.

So if you think you can;

US Senate Blocks House Spending Bill

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The US government in-action. The Senate voted to reject the House of Representatives stopgap spending bill, after the House’s Republican leaders forced it through on their second try.

The Senate vote was 59 to 36 to table the House bill, effectively killing it. Some conservative Republicans joined in rejecting the measure.

Victims of Domestic Violence Memorial Walk

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New York Latinas Against Domestic Violence, the family of Gladys Ricart and the families of many other victims, the 2011 Brides’ March Organizing Committee, and countless domestic violence survivors and advocates at the 11th Annual Gladys Ricart and Victims of Domestic Violence Memorial Walk, on Monday, September 26, 2011.


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Focal Point Gallery
321 City Island Ave.
Bronx NY 10464
(718) 885-1403

October 7th - October 31st
Strum und Drang
Emotionally provocative art work depicting,
"Storm and Stress"' Drama, and Emotion
Featuring Images by
Laury Hopkins, Ralph Giordano and Ron Terner
Opening reception Friday, October 7th, 7pm - 10pm

Jacqueline Kyle Kall and Russell Schaller Dating...

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These two best friends were reminiscing and totally dating themselves over the many decades they have been pals, neighbors and classmates. They sat down to have a drink, or two and speak with City Island Images about the more than seventy years they have been "bosom buddies".

Headlines 9/23/11

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RECESSION INCREASES. Economy Getting Worse.

NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND. Maybe, Perhaps, Few?

FASTER THAN LIGHT. Roll Over Albert Einstein.

SPENDING BILL STALLS. Government Shutdown?

FALLING FROM THE SKY. Bus Sized Satellite.

RAINS ON THE WAY. Expect More Flooding.

Days Getting Shorter

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Last September, we did not have have these cooler temperatures, frequent rain, and overcast skies, which have given this month a ‘fall-like’ feel. While meteorological fall already began three weeks ago, the autumnal equinox occurs Friday at 5:04 a.m. (EDT), signaling the official start of fall in the Northern Hemisphere.