Manafort Fate Up To Jury

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While closing in on Paul Manafort. In their two-hour closing argument to the jury, prosecutors in the Manafort fraud trial called the evidence against him “overwhelming” and said his defense was “littered with lies.”

The federal jury asked the judge four questions about the case but ended its first day of deliberations without a verdict.

Exploring Sexuality

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The Journal Of Sex Research says sexual difficulties are common among women and men and are associated with various mental and physical health problems. Although psychological traits are known to impact sexual attitudes and behavior, sexuality- and personality-related traits have not been jointly investigated to assess their relevance for sexual functioning in couples.


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She was royalty and is now gone, but will never be forgotten. Aretha Louise Franklin was the undisputed Queen of Soul, whose gospel-tinged R&B music displays one of the greatest voices in recording history.

Aretha was a preacher's daughter whose powerful voice made her the long-reigning "Queen of Soul" with such hit songs as "Respect" and "Chain of Fools," has died on Thursday at the age of 76, following a bout with cancer.

Friends of All The People

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From Massachusetts to Texas ... from South Dakota to Maine... Newspapers are running editorials as part of a national truth effort.

Journalists are friends of democracy, of truth, justice and We The People. Reporters verify and provide vetted news to allow intelligent consumers a method of analysis. Consider the following, fact-based criticism will never be silenced, while the free press continues reporting the truth.

Connecting CUBA

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In the spirit of full disclosure, I should point out that I was born in Cuba. However, when I was there last there was no Internet.

Now more than 5 million cell phone users in Cuba have received free internet, in an eight-hour test before the government launched sales of the service.

NYC Ferry Extension

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Ferry service has finally arrived in The Bronx. They say timing is everything and today is the best day to begin this water ferry since there's an NYC heat advisory in effect.

NYC Ferry originally called Citywide Ferry Service is a network of ferry routes in New York City operated by Hornblower Cruises. There are several routes connecting ferry piers in New York City.

We got to Woodstock

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Believe it or not, but it was 50 years ago today, the Woodstock Music & Art Fair brought more than 400,000 people to a dairy farm in New York. We called it the garden then, but what happened then?

A total of 32 acts performed at the outdoor fest, including Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead, Janis Jolin & The Who.

Woodstock 1969 Crosby Still Nash and Young

Here's an aerial view of the massive Woodstock crowd. Photo: AP

Child Abuse Cases

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The Roman Catholic Church is facing serious investigation of abuse and these reach the United States and abroad.

The Vatican finally broke its silence on the damning grand-jury report outlining rampant abuse over seven decades involving more than 300 priests and 1,000 children, calling the actions “criminal and morally reprehensible.” ‘Criminally and Morally Reprehensible’: The Vatican Condemns Priest Sex Abuse in Grand-Jury Report

Cast Your Ballots

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Do not become distracted with Dramarosa, Space Farce, or any other nonsensical whirlwind ideas or issues flying around all of US. Now is the best time to make sure you are registered to cast a ballot in November. It’s your responsibility. Do it and secure it.

Every American citizen needs to become a proactive voter, no matter which party you belong to, or if you're an NPA like me. No political Affiliation means I cannot vote during primaries, but I can and will exercise my right to vote during the general election.

Aretha Franklin Illness

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She's an American musician, a singer, a songwriter, pianist and the Queen of Soul. Aretha Franklin is also a multiple Grammy award-winner and a Superstar whose legacy stretches back decades. Aretha Franklin - A Change Is Gonna Come

The undisputed Queen of Soul, whose gospel-tinged R&B displayed some of the greatest voices in recording history lies in Detroit.