Giuliani Booed at Yankee Stadium

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Can you hear it now? Rudolph William Louis Giuliani is an American politician, a former US Attorney, businessman, a former mayor of New York City, and attorney to President Donald Trump.

Why did New York Yankees fans loudly boo President Donald J. Trump Lawyer and America's Mayor Rudy Giuliani on his birthday?

Unhappy Memorial Day

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On Memorial Day the USA remembers all soldiers who have died during an act of military service. Today, many businesses offer freebies and special discounts to veterans and active military.

However, as politicians tell their constituents how much they care about America and that they support #USA military veterans.

Why the are so many of them suffering from all the sacrifices they have made to protect our democratic form of government?

These are the sad facts and figures that should cause many of us grave concern before we hit the beach and enjoy parades.

Look Out For Big Al

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Who says climate change is a hoax? Another lie from naysayers. Arriving before the official Hurricane Season normally begins, Alberto caused the worst flooding in western Cuba in 32 years. The first tropical storm and hurricane of the 1982 Atlantic hurricane season, Alberto developed from a tropical disturbance on June 2 in the southern Gulf of Mexico.

Sun of a Beach

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NYC beaches have officially opened for Summer 2018 ☀️ And there are bathers of all shapes and sizes.

Girl watching is always allowed, swim only where lifeguards are available, and on duty, but never leave children unattended.

The Bronx Bronx’s has one public beach, spanning 1.1 miles and 115 acres. Orchard Beach is notable for its unique crescent shape and stunning views of City Island, A Slice of NYC Paradise.

Memorial Day Weekend

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As we pay tribute to real heroes, who served and lost their lives for a great nation and that knew America has always been the greatest, most desirable democracy on planet earth, let us take a moment to also recognize them for their sincerity and sacrifice.

I did not serve in the military. By the time my turn arrived, the draft had been abolished, although my late and older brother did. I dedicated my life, to tell the truth, and as a longtime journalist, I've spoken with many people in different languages and in several continents.

Trump Torches

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In the past 3 months, @POTUS has reportedly managed to antagonize or piss off many international leaders and it appears that his shoot from the hip hits just keeps on coming. During 90 days of nuclear tough talk, Trump has upset friend and foe.

Are the leaders and the people of the following nations scratching their collective heads and wondering how it came to this?

Passing Gas

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Why has the Republican-led Congress and The White House given a pass to extraordinarily high gasoline prices?

In case you have not noticed, gas prices are going through the roof just in time to hurt American travelers for the Memorial Day Weekend. Is our so-called leadership prepared to do anything about it?

The huge jump in driving costs is likely to fuel a wave of economic anger across the #USA just in time for the midterm elections. According to statistics, the average American driver will be paying $200 extra for gasoline.


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North Korea, officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, is a country in East Asia constituting the northern part of the Korean Peninsula. Pyongyang is the capital and largest city. This communist nation is geographically located next to Russia and China.

What happened to Trump's Nobel Peace Prize that he claims everyone thinks he deserves? He sent a bombshell letter that hints of War. Why has POTUS decided to unilaterally setback the world saying again we'll see what happens? The president thought he had the enemy by the heels and turned out there are no deals.

Tweet Trump To The Max

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Hey everybody, now you can tell @POTUS or @realDonaldTrump what you REALLY think about him, his family and his revolving door and out of control administration. Do not hold back and don't sugar coat it, because he can no longer block you, so you can read his stuff and send him more as of now.

The Trump Scandal

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Wake Up America. The ongoing corruption of the official powers of the US government on behalf of ego, avarice, and impunity is the story of the Trump presidency. The Trump scandal is all about corruption and the use of political power to hide it for as long as possible.

Are Trump’s attacks on DOJ, FBI and the intelligence community solely for his personal benefit, to derail investigations of his family and business corruption?