Raúl Rafael Juliá

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Throughout Hispanic Heritage Month #CityImages will continue to recognize Latinos who made their name through their activism, writing, performance, art and by influencing and representing the arts.

Raúl Rafael Juliá y Arcelay was a Puerto Rican actor who received international recognition. He was born in San Juan, and quickly took an interest in acting while still in school. Upon completing his studies, Julia decided to pursue a career as an acclaimed thespian.

GOP Wipeout?

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Some conservative political observers fear that Republican party officials insist on hiding their head in the sand and do not understand the severity at hand. Frustration appears to be making way to desperation for @POTUS and his @VP

When you have a partner who will not accept mistakes and will always blame problems on others, this is a disaster waiting to happen between strange bedfellows.

Will the GOP push the panic button or overreact in a wildly impulsive, confused, or excessive manner, often because it is the last resort to be used only when all else has failed?

Cesar Julio Romero

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Before there was Raúl Juliá, Antonio Bandaras, Andy Garcia and many other Latino actors, there was Cesar Julio Romero Jr. who was was an American actor, singer, dancer, and vocal artist. He was active in film, radio, and television for almost 60 years.

On this beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month when people recognize the contributions of Hispanics and Latinos who have made an impact in the lives of others, it is important to point out there are now 60 million Latinos in the #USA.

Flip Flop POTUS

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Do Americans agree with the way POTUS has been playing US concerning gun control? We The People are the real bosses and must speak up now and step out of the comfort zone immediately before more people are massacred with more assault rifles.

Write to The White House and to Capitol Hill. Remind them who is paying the bills. Tell them how you really feel about this urgent life and death matter.

Last but not least, please make sure you are registered to vote. Threaten them with poling first, and then your power at the polls.

10 Weeks on Vacation?

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A good school is an educational institution which provides a learning environment and a place for the teaching students under the direction of faculty members.

Now that all schools are back after Summer vacation, all I can say is that only the kids were on a long break and in my opinion, kids had an overrated vacation because instructors continue training and preparing their lectures and tasks 12 months a year.

The Look of Love ❤️

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Love encompasses a range of strong and positive emotional and mental states, from the deepest interpersonal affections, and attractions to the simplest pleasures.

According to scientific research involving sexual behavior, and studying eye movements of 105 heterosexual undergraduate students, 36 of them males were monitored while viewing potential mates or friends.

Friday The 13th

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Those who are superstitious have much to be wary of because if you believe in these things, Friday the 13th is the day of bad luck. But If this weren't scary enough, there is also a bad moon rising and the full moon is associated with strange or insane behaviors.

This phenomenon hasn't happened for 19 years, since Oct 13th, 2000 and will not come around again until August 13th, 2049. A full moon in September is also a Harvest Moon meaning the full moon nearest the Autumnal Equinox and it is a really busy time for public safety officials.

Third Time A Charm

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On, two, three times for candidates as the Democrats meet for a third debate. Their answers will determine who the top Democratic presidential candidates are as they face off in Texas For tonight’s debate. This debate could be an urgent moments for Democrats.

This time around maybe the charm because only half of the candidates qualified for the party's requirements of at least 2% support in four polls, along with contributions from at least 130K individual donors, with at least 400 from 20 states.

September 11 Anniversary

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When I visited ground zero after the terrorist attacks, and while serving as Associated Press TV NY Bureau Chief, my eyes were filled with tears, and my heart overcome with a feeling, which I may carry with me for all my years.