Black Eyed Guys

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Was it an old rose which offended too many colleagues, could it be the dark side of Moonves, or a 60-minute moment when uncontrollable males can’t help themselves? The bad old days of the casting couch are hopefully behind us.

CBS has been called the Eye Network, because of an iconic logo, in use since 1951. It's also been called the Tiffany Network after high-quality programming during the tenure of William S. Paley.

War on Truth and Justice

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There is a war on truth and justice, where some members in our government may have become complicit. The most recent battle has POTUS Trump and his administration opening up a new front in the war on the rule of law. First, judges were attacked, then FBI, then DOJ and now the World Court? What’s going on here folks?

I remember as a child hearing the phrase Truth and Justice and the American way. What has happened since then? PBS Superheroes

Abuse of Power

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Horrifying allegations of abuse, harassment, and intimidation against so-called leaders who feel they're entitled powerful men exploiting their authority and being protected at the expense of women and survivors.

#CityImages stands with and believes all survivors, including the many women who have bravely spoken out against the toxic culture of complicity that enabled abuse.

‪Pope To Meet With U.S. Church Leaders Over Clergy Sex Abuse

9/11 September 11

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Also, on a Tuesday - September 11, 2001, were attacks on America coordinated by the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda. The attacks killed 2,996 people, injured over 6,000 others. Additional people died of 9/11-related cancer and respiratory diseases in the months and years following these attacks. The attacks caused over $10 billion in damages to our infrastructure.


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The National Hurrican Center is working overtime. This division of the United States' National Weather Service is responsible for tracking and predicting weather systems within the tropics between the Prime Meridian and the 140th meridian west poleward to the 30th parallel north in the northeast Pacific Ocean and the 31st parallel north in the northern Atlantic Ocean.

In South Carolina, Governor Henry McMaster ordered a mandatory evacuation of the state's entire 187-mile coastline beginning at noon Eastern on Tuesday.

Food Fight Favorites

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As wealthy Americans receive special gifts from the super-rich and big corporations in return for the Trump GOP tax cuts because wages are stagnant most of us need to learn how to tighten our belts, especially when it comes to purchasing necessities like food.

However, eating healthy has never been more important than now.

Hurricanes Approaching US

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A hurricane is a type of cyclone, which forms over tropical or subtropical waters. A tropical cyclone is a rotating low-pressure weather system that has organized thunderstorms. Tropical cyclones with maximum sustained surface winds of less than 39 miles per hour are called tropical depressions. Those with maximum sustained winds of 39 mph or higher are called tropical storms. When a storm's maximum winds reach 74 mph, it is called a hurricane.

Welcome Back Barack

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In the spirit of full disclosure, I am not a Democrat or a Republican. In fact, I once worked for a leader of the GOP, who served as a US Congressman, CIA Director, VP and later President George HW Bush. Welcome back Barack. We know you have America's back.

It Ain't Me

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What do Deep Throat, Daniel Ellsberg, Karen Silkwood, Mordechai Vanunu, Linda Tripp, Jeffrey Wigand, Edward Snowden, Bradley-Chelsea, Manning, and Anonymous have in common? They're sharing information, secretly to expose hidden wrongs.