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Non-fiction is the way to go: We recommend the following books to know.

Shane Bauer for American Prison: A Reporter's Undercover Journey into the Business of Punishment
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Masha Gessen for The Future is History
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Jane Mayer for Dark Money
video • press release

Jill Leovy for Ghettoside: A True Story of Murder in America
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Politically Liberal Rebels

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Our founding fathers were all politically liberals rebels who put their lives on the line to nake America great.

Politically Liberal equates liberty and justice for all. It can represent generous and broad-minded #Americans who believe that government should be active promoting political improvements.

Kamikaze MAGA Security

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Warning, trouble ahead trouble behind. Americans must never be traveling blind. Before making a turn, register and vote or it may become a horrific crash and burn.

Everyone in the #USA despises foreigners trying to affect the #Vote but a president unwilling to do anything to stop it is unacceptable.

Does Trump national security adviser convenes meetings with NSC officials and use printouts of Trump's tweets on the subject at hand? Is the job is to find ways of justifying, enacting or explaining POTUS policy?

AOC Says Trust Me

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US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants voters to follow her lead as she gets multiplr political opponents in her bid for re-election. In the spirit of full disclosure, the Latina lawmaker represents the district where City Images has its headquarters. Ocasio-Cortez has endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination.

Fractured Family Feud

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The Democrats are should be functioning in full family unity, but like some American families today, those who participated in the presidential debate did not feel that way. #DemDebate was the most vicious showdown with Elizabeth The Titanic, and Mike an iceberg? In short, Democratic debate moderators lost control of a messy fight last night but the audience ratings were spectacular.

Bloomberg Gets A Mike

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Better late than never, close but no cigar, or too little too late? Mike Bloomberg rolls the dice at tonight’s Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas as the new face in the dwindling field of candidates walks up to the debate microphone.

Bloomberg rises in a remarkable 15-point spike during a poll that puts the former NYC Mayor in a strong second place nationally, at 19 percent just behind Bernie Sanders.

Mourning Airwaves

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Many Americans think about being politically active but in fact, we’re doing little more than signaling who we are to others. We may be emotionally invested in politics but not committed to solving problems by doing something about it.

Meanwhile, The Russians are entrenched in #USA and have never been more active. The alter views propaganda being broadcast over our airwaves by Radio Moscow which has invaded our shores. During the drive time hours, the Communist propaganda is delivered to Americans living in the KC, MO ADI.

Presidents' Day Soiree

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Wrapping up a wonderful Valentines' Day Weekend, my wife Yirong and I invited loved ones like her little sister, her son who is also our Godson, his friends and their mothers to a special gathering for a unique historic awareness conversation and some surprises. We had a chance to meet and greet George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and finally Warren Harding.

Boy Scouts Anniversary

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The Boy Scouts file for bankruptcy after hundreds of sexual abuse lawsuits. The Summer camps and programs continue while attorneys battle over how #BSA divvies up assets between the national organization, which will be paying victims, and local councils, which are not part of the bankruptcy.

Is it ironic that an American institution like Boy Scouts declares bankruptcy for its 110 year anniversary? The following figures reportedly show the impact of the organization.

71% of high school football captains are Boy Scouts.


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The American presidency is not what it once was. POTUS' latest tweet points to a devolution of the American Presidents from the neutral, unifying office envisioned by the Framers of Our Constitution into the demagogic, partisan entity of our day.

There were tall ones, short ones, fat ones, and skinny ones. But did all Presidents serve the USA well and to the best of their abilities?