Not Giving Up My OBE

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Brits and Americans are divided by attitudes toward the House of Windsor. Why are there different reactions to Harry and Meghan Markle’s Oprah interview? What is the attraction to learn about The Royals who're among the most dysfunctional families on earth?


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Happy International Women’s Day. Every day we say they are essential and we support women in our homes, workplaces, and society.

Please, allow me to introduce my grand-baby, Olivia who our family calls LIV and I am GB, that's short for Grandpa Bob. She surely does like to challenge her mother Sabrina.

International Women's Day is a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women's equality.

Blind Justice?

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On May 25, less than a year ago, 46-year-old George Floyd was stopped by police after a local Minneapolis shop employee claimed he had tried to pass a counterfeit $20 bill. The Minnesota athlete had been a talented young American football player but drifted into a life of petty crime and addiction to painkillers.

Missing My Chick Favorites

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CHIC COREA WAS A KEYBOARDIST OF OUR GENERATION - I’ve been devastated by the passing of Chick Corea.  I think of him in the same way the generation before me thought of Duke Ellington or Count Basie, Bill Evans, Wynton Kelly, Barry Harris, Sun Ra, I could go on, knowing there are many other keyboardists and pianist-band leaders who stood out in previous generations and became the Jazz standard-bearers of their generation.

Stylish Decor?

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As you can clearly see, when it comes to decorating in general, the smarter fairer sex always tend to have the upper hand in taste.

Inside this balcony is probably a man cave and a male retreat or sanctuary inside a bachelor pad. The term is a metaphor describing an area where men and their friends can do as they please.

The Crucial Voice of America

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The recent turmoil at the Voice of America, created by Trump’s attempts last year to politicize that global example of a free press, reminded me of an incident that occurred one evening during the twenty-five years I spent as the manager of Blues Alley, the Georgetown jazz club in Washington, D.C.       

46 Days With POTUS 46

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Age is just a number and when it got to 78-yer-old President Joe Biden he immediately halted the real count. 

Democrats got the job done today while Republicans obstructed until the last minute when they melted down.

The whole world is watching and realizing America is back. A time where experience is going to be valued higher than BS.

We The People have spoken and everyone really agrees. An approval of POTUS 46 Joe Biden is the decree. 

70 percent on #COVID, even some on the right. The twice-impeached Florida loser never reached such a height.

Living For Democracy?

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Last night, I was channel surfing and stopped to watch #MSNBC’s @Lawrence on cable TV. O’Donnell, whom I had met years earlier when Lawrence was a guest on The McLaughlin Group program I was co-producing. On last night's show  Lawrence was interviewing Aaron Sorkin and Sasha Baron Cohen about their award-winning film. 

GOP Obstructionists

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If President Joe Biden's COVID19 stimulus plan makes it all the way through Congress with only support from The Democrats, it would stand out from the Coronavirus relief plans passed over the last year with bipartisan GOP support. Government Obstructionist Party.

Meanwhile, an Associated Press poll shows that 70 percent of Americans back President Joe Biden's handling of the virus response, including 44 percent of Republicans. Fewer approve of his handling of the economy, at 55 percent.

New Zealand Quake

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A Pacific-wide tsunami alert issued after the 8.1-magnitude quake. The powerful quake struck in the ocean off the coast of New Zealand, prompting some evacuations and tsunami warnings across the South Pacific.  There was little damage from the huge Pacific quake and a tsunami threat passes.