737 MAX

Submitted by ub on Tue, 03/19/2019 - 09:50

As US Transportation department officials take a closer look at FAA's approval of Boeing 737 Max 8, what do we really know about these 737 MAX ✈️ airplanes and how long have they been flying folks all over the world?

Hate Begets Violence

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Why is humanity living on the edge? What motivates folks to not do the right thing and promote society’s wrongs. What is going on here? Does it take many major stories that have an impact? How many more should we abhor?

Why haven't human beings learned that hate begets violence? It means that haters promote violence, in return. This phrase has been used since at least the 1830s.

Like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter lean on contractors and automation to clean up these platforms, but some still see it as their mission to report nightmarish content.

Anti Social Media

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Social media platforms are growing in numbers and, with the increased use of mobile devices, they are likely to reach 3 billion users. Therefore, it is time to deal with online terrorism causing Internet chaos in all its evil forms.

The top platforms aren’t the only places considering how to handle violent extremism. And traditional moderation doesn’t affect smaller sites where some promote videos or praise shooters.

Hail To The King

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My apologies to America's renowned preacher, Reverend Martin Luther King, Elvis, and the basketball superstar, because I'm not talking about King James. He was the first African-American golden voice and jazz piano player to host a nationally televised TV program. He was recruited by David Sarnoff, a Russian immigrant, and pioneer of American broadcasting, who turned him into the Jackie Robinson of TV hosts.

New Robots

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Even when robotics technologies were relatively primitive, their potential role in boosting the productivity and competitiveness of the United States was foreseen in the evolving global marketplace.

The AP is a leader in using robot news writing, generating sports and business stories that appear in thousands of publications. A system called Heliograf writes stories for The Washington Post. Swedish local news publisher MittMedia produces a robot-written story on every local house sale — catnip to those who follow real estate.

Immigrants Get The Job Done

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The United States of America was built on the hard work of all immigrants, some who overstated, others who took an illegal job, or two.

Multicultural diversity is all about the #USA melting pot and #American salad. These are the strengths of our nation, these videos suggest that immigrants travel across Central America and Mexico on their way to the border and that many of them die in the process makes this a symbol that reminds us... We are all immigrants.

Dozens Dead in New Zealand Terrorism

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50 worshipers dead in shootings at two New Zealand mosques, while the shooter live-streamed the carnage. few suspects in custody. Officials say the terrorist attack was a carefully planned racist massacre targeting foreigners.

POTUS Crushed

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After hitting a wall https with Congress when twelve Senate Republicans joined with Democrats in support of a measure terminating the president’s national “emergency” declaration to fund a border wall, POTUS immediately promised via Tweet to veto the bill.

Trump is apparently crushed that he has lost GOP control as 12 Senate Republicans vote with Democrats to kill his border emergency. His embarrassing reprimand from members of his own party did not begin when they voted on a resolution disapproving of his declaration of emergency over the border.

Happy Pi Day

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Today is March 14, which is the fourteenth day of the third month, and since this is 3/14 it is also known as the annual Pi Day.

Each year on March 14, pies of all kind are discounted to celebrate the date – 3/14 – which happens to also represent pi, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.

This celebration of the mathematical constant π, which is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. The trillion-digit ratio is rounded to 3.14.

Manafort Smackdown

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PJ Manafort, the political consultant and attorney who joined Donald Trump's presidential campaign team in March 2016 and was promoted to campaign chairman from March to August 2016.

Manafort returned to federal court for a final court appearance, 17 months after the first indictment of Robert Mueller's special counsel investigation brought him in to face a judge and five months after his help to Mueller's investigation fell apart.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson of the US District Court in Washington, DC, sentenced him to 43 months and now PJ may spend 7.5 years in prison.