Comfort and Joy

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Yirong does not smoke nor drinks coffee or alcohol. RoB does on special occasions. Yirong and Roberto Soto share an increasingly great relationship as well as ? love, respect, and mutual admiration. They’re extremely proud of their wonderful family and enjoy a comfortable life.

During the Christmas and New Years holidays, they are both thankful for how blessed they are to have terrific children, grandkids friends, and some nice neighbors. Happy New Year to all...etc.

Straight No Chaser - Christmas Cheers Oh, tidings of comfort and joy,

What We Do For Love

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I'm the first to admit that I do not like flying because I've been on too many crazy flights to last a lifetime. This year, they were turbulent, with crying babies on board and some additional drama.

Also, I feel inexplicably crappy, tired, dehydrated, and with a headache whenever I fly. This time I had an ear and nose congestion, which made the journey extra painful. Sitting in a small, pressurized metal compartment at 33,000 feet for several hours wreaks havoc.

2018 Distraction and Destruction

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Once upon a time, Americans had a dream of democracy and liberty for all, a healthy hope, an ingenious idea, and a great goal.

Then, not the majority but some voters chose to place their bets on a fraudster and ruin the lives of many #American living in the #USA filled with distractions followed by destructions.

POTUS record in office has been a real failure. with a legislative achievement being a massive tax cut for the rich who wasted it.

NYC Blue

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For all New Yorkers who were shocked by last night's blue horizon, here are the facts we can tell you. Con Edison says an electrical fault at a substation in Queens, was to blame for a strange blue light that lit up the skies of New York City  

NYC utility probes electric flash that lit sky in eerie blue

The Key is Empathy

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Empathy is the ticket to success. During Christmas dinner, I spoke with a relative and a wise person, who is much older the me. She lives alone out in the country, drives and has managed to outlive many friends, her husband as well as their only daughter.

We spoke about utilizing interpersonal communications to understand and share our feelings. Empathy includes the following.

Happy News Year

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2018 has been a zinger and #CityImages wishes to sing a happier tune in 2019. Thank you for being here throughout the year.

Trump secretly visited #UISA military troops, but may not be staying in DC for his @GOP sponsored Federal Government shutdown but, instead will be be going to FLORIDA.

Some fear the trip is cover to get to Mar-a-Lago’s NYE party where tickets were already $OLD guaranteeing access to POTUS

He’s reportedly using the military visit as a distraction to cash in at his Florida Country Club.

Free The People

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The New York Times reportedly found records and eyewitness accounts detailing the Selective Service draft records of @realdonaldtrump and how he managed to hide from the draft board and avoid #USA military service.

For many years, Donald Trump asserted that it was “ultimately” a high draft lottery number that kept him out of the Vietnam War, rather than a medical condition. But his Selective Service records suggest otherwise. ‪Donald Trump’s Selective Service Records

Christmas Chaos

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A Merry Christmas wish, is offering a happy birthday and a welcoming gesture to an immigrant and his family.
Do evangelicals realize Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus, whose family then fled persecution?

All I Want For Christmas

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All I want for Christmas is joy to the world and peace towards all people on earth, instead we have lone wolf politicians to care for no one but themselves and not follow established rules or norms.