Will America Let Kavanaugh Go?

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Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing is scheduled to conclude today, after sidestepping several direct questions from Senators as the SCOTUS battle over documents withheld from his years in George W. Bush's White House wraps up.

The fight included a bitter dispute over documents as Democrats have complained about getting none for three years of Kavanaugh's career, when he served as White House staff secretary, and focused on 190,000 pages released to the Senate but withheld from public release.

Political Storm Warnings

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Americans can only hope that all political infighting dies down without any more catastrophes, but for the next couple of months, everyone needs to be prepared for the worst possible scenario.

These dangerous crosswinds may continue pass the November midterm elections. What exactly does that entail and how can you ensure you and your family’s safety?

At the very top of an essential survival list to keep in mind for these perilous times is to vote, then keep a cool head to stay safe once the political storm passes and the chaotic political climate stabilizes.

RIP Burt Reynolds

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Burton Leon Reynolds Jr. was an American actor, director, and producer has died at age 82. He was a movie and TV heart-throb on his day. The box office sensation passed away today, and Hollywood is expressing condolences.

Reynolds was the self-described number one Superstar for nearly one-half decade and that had never been done before. While working t NBC, I had the pleasure of meeting this male sex symbol during his appearance at Saturday Night Live.

From Camelot To Hamilton

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If we are going to have serious conversations about race, all races must participate. I have been fortunate to engage in such conversations in different settings based on my work in various roles involving diversity, equity, and inclusion. I have also valued the opportunity to co-facilitate such conversations with trusted non-white, mostly female colleagues in intergroup dialogue settings.

Dear Deer Watch

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What was it that caused 4 NYPD police vehicles and one from the NYC Park Rangers to close off a short portion of the road near the City Island circle this morning? A fawn, but not sure on the species because there are about 60.

#CityImages did not get close enough to check, but since seer is a group of even-toed ungulate mammals. They form the family Cervidae. A male deer is called stag or buck, a female deer is called doe, and a young deer is called fawn.

No Balls Two Strikes

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Following two days of hearings, Supreme Court candidate has yet to swing and hit a home run with the bases loaded. He has had some softballs thrown at him as well as curves and hard balls but has chosen not to swing, yet. However, some say the baseball coach they call K may hit a home run today.

Ron Terner's Double Fours

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Don't miss Friday's NYC Beach Party at Focal Point Gallery on City Island. A Slice of NYC Paradise. Celebrate Ron Terner 44.

Year 44 and there's lots more so don't allow this special occasion to slip by without celebrating with wine and cheese.

However, no matter how low key you keep the celebration, it is still important to show your heartfelt sentiments and your appreciation for your friend and neighbor on the occasion of this anniversary.

Social Media Grilling

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Grilling usually involves a significant amount of direct, radiant heat, and tends to be used for food and now for public figures.

Social Media Executives Testify on Russian Interference in U.S. Elections. Invited are Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg to testified on Russian interference in U.S. elections before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

All The President's Memes

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Americans have been exposed to books, recording and eyewitness accounts of POTUS inside our White House and all appear to tell We The People the same thing. He has serious problems including the truth and he tweets from the devil's workshop. Why do so many problems all appear to point in the wrong direction?

Amazon Technology Jungle

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Jeff Bezos may be saying, "Alexa, call dad and then he'll shout... Que Cosa Mas Grande, Chico" Amazon, his company has quickly caught up to Apple, which took its time to reach the Trillion dollar value., Inc. is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company based in Seattle, Washington, that was founded on July 5, 1994. Amazon is reportedly worth $1 TRILLION and Jeff Bezos' worth $155 BILLION.

BBC News - Amazon's market value tops $1tn