Trump Toast?

Submitted by ub on Wed, 09/25/2019 - 09:04

Is Trump toast and does everybody know it? We'll have to see how this all ends but the questions which beg to be asked if the allegations are true, who is stupid enough to pull off some of these stunts? A stable genius, or a three-year-old?

Trump appears to confirm that he withheld military aid from Ukraine before his infamous phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky. The Ukraine news broke through the way Mueller’e investigation didn’t, which had too many layers. This one everyone understands that it stinks.

Island Earthquake

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A magnitude 6.0 earthquake has affected the following island nations: The Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Dominica, Hispaniola (Dominican Republic, and Haiti) Saint Martin, Sint Maarten, Guadeloupe, Montserrat, Puerto Rico, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Turks and Caicos Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands, Caribbean Netherlands, Saint Barthélemy, Antigua and Barbuda, and Anguilla.

USA Number One

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The USA has created the world’s largest immigration detention system, and through a series of stopgap measures, shortsighted policies and intense lobbying by private companies have spawned and nurtured a multibillion-dollar industry based on the imprisonment of men, women, and children seeking to live in America.

Help Wanted Courage

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On this National Voters Registration Day, #WeThePeople should demand that all members of Congress who have the honor of representing Americans to step up and be counted.. Some unlikely groups and organizations are finally calling out @POTUS @VP.

Here are some videos from Republicans for the Rule of Law and from Fox News.

‪Congressional Republicans: Demand the Facts

‪Lindsey Graham ad on OAN News

POTUS Panic Mode

Submitted by ub on Mon, 09/23/2019 - 09:05

Has he begun to fall on this first day of Fall? We'll see what happens but things were bound to start falling apart sooner or later. Is this really Autumn? Does it appear to be more like Fall, without the style or saving grace from all?

Do Republicans remember when Trump said he would release his income taxes? How about when he promised Mexico would pay for the wall? How about when Trump told members of his base to rough up protesters and he would pay the legal fees? Most American have heard so many lies that it’s hard to believe anything any more.

Education Solution

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Next month, I begin teaching at #NYPL The New York Public Library- The following are 32 stunning international libraries you may wish to visit for research and education.

El próximo mes, empiezo a enseñar en la Biblioteca Pública de Nueva York de #NYPL. Las siguientes son 32 bibliotecas internacionales deslumbrantes que puede visitar para investigación y educación.

Warren POTUS?

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As Elizabeth Warren accuses Congress of complicity in Trump's continued abuses of power she is declaring war on POTUS as her challenge begins to cause The Republicans pain and suffering on the political fast-lane. As the GOP hysteria moves to cancel 2020 primaries to protect President Trump from party challengers, it’s too little too late.

Women candidates made their mark with their strong performance during the midterm election and in now appears that one woman may cut the incumbent down to size.

Ladies and Gentlemen The Beatles

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On September 26 1969, the last album recorded by The Beatles was finally released to the public. To commemorate this cultural event, a 50th anniversary deluxe edition of Abbey Road is being released. Almost five decades later, the world is still fascinated by the music of the greatest pop group ever.

The Beatles’ albums ranked in order of greatness, 50 years after their final studio recording session.

Keep Up With Sleep 💤

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Healthy sleep habits can make a big difference in our quality of life. Good sleeping habits are often referred to as having good sleep hygiene. This helps to regulate our body's clock and could help us fall asleep and stay asleep for the entire night.

40 thousand adults took part in a recent study and researchers found there is a serious sleep epidemic which is growing worldwide.

Two measures of sleep quality, over the past 30 days, were assessed alongside a number of sociodemographic variables, measures of quality of life, and comorbidities.

Museum Day

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This is the opportunity you may have been waiting for. There are over 1,600 museums around the nation that will be opening their doors for free in honor of Museum Day. So, to soak up the free culture, be on your way today!

Smithsonian magazine describes Museum Day as a celebration of boundless curiosity and marks the observance by giving away tickets to numerous museums and cultural venues throughout this nation, which has always been great.