Women Fight Back


Republicans have been on the rhetorical offensive against women for too long. Will Mothers Day be a time to stand up for their rights?

According to the most recent data available, there are more women in the USA than men, so why is it that they lack equal representation in government, private industry, and academia, and their earnings are still not the same as those of men. Will the scales of equal justice for all under the law ever be balanced?

The Apple Tree


Apple trees are cultivated worldwide and are the most widely grown species in the genus. But in AMERICA: it has Special Powers.

The Appletree originated in Central Asia, where its wild ancestor, Malus is still found today.  Apples have been grown for thousands of years in Asia and Europe and were brought to North America by European colonists.

 The apple tree symbolizes

  • Love

  • Truth

  • Peace

  • Beauty

  • Honesty

  • Romance

  • Fertility

  • Remembrance

Comedy Under Attack


Comedy should be humorous in the theatre, on film, stand-up comedy, television, radio, books, or any other entertainment medium.

The term originated in ancient Greece: in Athenian democracy, the public opinion of voters was influenced by the political satire performed by comic poets in theaters.  (LANGUAGE WARNING)

Here Comes The Fed


Experts say greed causes inflation. Like pride, lust, gluttony, sloth, anger, and envy, greed is a deadly sin because it causes others. 

Greed takes the form of overwork. Consumerism is a view of the human person that reduces us only to what we can afford to buy and consume.

World Press Freedom Day


We applaud all journalists who place their lives on the line to write the wrongs for the first draft of history. We work every day to bring news and information to audiences all over the world. However, all too often, it comes at great costs. Our admiration, gratitude, and unwavering support because democracy dies without a free press.


Phony Baloney


What Goes Up Must Come Down Meaning: All Things that rise will also fall. Like a demagogue full of hot air will soon drop.

This expression is often used to say that nothing lasts forever. Origin of What Goes Up Must Come Down This idiom originated in the 1800s and came from the physical properties of gravity. If you throw an orange in the air, it will come back down.

Asian American Month


May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month!. PBS has a collection of new shows, and some gems to revisit.



MaydayMaydayMayday! It's the call that no ship's captain ever wants to make. Why? Because it could mean trouble. Big Problem!

The mother ship is taking in water. And according to NYC officials, Nautical Winds Condominium has issues serious enough to receive fresh building violations.