For The People Act

Submitted by ub on Fri, 03/26/2021 - 08:35

To save Democracy #HR1 also known as #ForThePeopleAct must become the law of the land before the next national election.

H.R.1 - 117th Congress (2021-2022): For the People Act of 2021 | | Library of Congress

The For the People Act is a bill in the United States Congress to expand voting rights, change campaign finance laws to reduce the influence of money in politics, limit partisan gerrymandering, and create new ethics rules for federal officeholders.

Meet The Press Corps

Submitted by ub on Thu, 03/25/2021 - 16:57

After 65 Days working, no golf, or watching TV inside The White House, POTUS Joe Biden took questions from the press corps.

President Biden is now setting a new goal by promising that 200 million shots will be available in our arms by his 100 days in office.

Not a single question was asked about the most important story of the year, instead, journalists asked President Biden at about the surge of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Global Crosstown Traffic Jam

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There is a jumbo traffic jam on the Suez Canal A giant container ship blocks one of the most important highways of global trade.

The Suez Canal is a human-made waterway that cuts north-south across the Isthmus of Suez in Egypt. It connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea, making it the shortest maritime route to Asia from Europe. Since its completion in 1869, it has become one of the world’s most heavily used shipping lanes.

The USA Needs Border Parole

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The USA border has always attracted folks like me from all over the world. Immigration is a worldwide dilemma where everyone on earth apparently wants to come to America. 

As the youngest sibling of a professional Cuban-American couple, I always felt most likely to succeed as well as to exceed.  “there’s no way I can single-handedly save the world or, perhaps, even make a perceptible difference - but how ashamed I would be to let a day pass without making one more effort.” - Isaac Asimov

American Carnage

Submitted by ub on Tue, 03/23/2021 - 09:51

In less than a week, 18 people have been killed during two mass shootings by 21-year-old men who recently purchased weapons. The suspect in the latest shooting killed 10 in Colorado is now sitting in county jail and charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder.

Spring Outbreak

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So far, the City of Fort Lauderdale is enjoying much calmer crowds than its southern neighbor Miami Beach but how long will it take?

Despite public health guidelines and local ordinances warning against gathering in large groups due to the ongoing #COVID19, thousands of young folks are gathering in large crowds on Miami Beach for spring break.

These wild celebrations are making experts fear the worst ever Super-spreader event that many have deadly consequences.

Where Are You?

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While serving as a Government Manager 15-10 Washington, DC I used to work next to the NARA. This place is absolutely amazing.

The National Archives and Records Administration is an independent agency of the federal government charged with the preservation and documentation of government and historical records. It is also tasked with increasing public access to those documents which make up the National Archives.

Congress Must Pass HR1

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This year, more than 253 restrictive voting bills have been introduced in legislatures across 43 states and counting, according to the Brennan Center, a nonpartisan law and policy organization, This is one of the reasons HR1 is crucial to the democratic process.

The identifier H.R. 1 short for House of Representatives 1 may refer to any of several pieces of legislation considered by the United States House of Representatives. The numbering system restarts every two years with each new meeting by the elected members of Congress.

❤️ LOVE 💗

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Before we can love anyone else, we must first learn to love ourselves and try to be the best human being we can possibly be.

It happens to be the most powerful emotion. Love also occurs when you get that feeling from someone else. The butterflies in your stomach, knowing that someone else cares for you almost as much as you do.

One of the most common issues in relationships is the communication barrier. Everyone experiences love differently, and it’s easy to miss the mark when it comes to showing that you care.

Springtime For Democracy

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Hooray, Spring starts today. But why are the next few months expected to be much warmer than they would normally be? One word.

Democracy, and government in the sunshine after years of lies, hate and fear, it is now time to enjoy our new and improved year. The USA survived Donald’s distraction for destruction and It is time for Spring cleaning.

Here are the forecasts from the experts for all to see. 6.3 billion observations per day, to be precise, according to NOAA.