American Death Toll

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12 people were killed by a gunman who opened fire in a city building. At least four other victims were hospitalized. This is the deadliest mass shooting in the US since November. When will it stop? It can not keep happening here.

America’s most recent deadly mass shooting happened inside a municipal center in Virginia Beach this time, and various vigils and mass memorials are being held this weekend.

Leadership's About US

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Correction... The graphic should say no one and include women, who have proved once and for all to be real stable geniuses.

Some folks were born to create art or music, others to split the atom or excel with scientific feats. I chose to build media startups and turn others around.

As I look back to my career as well as forward to my next challenge, the definition of leadership relies on research, learning and developing practical skills with the capacity to lead, motivate and guide others from different cultures and languages.

Mueller Swan Song

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While resigning from the Justice Department, Robert Swan Mueller tells members of US Congress the ball is in your court concerning POTUS Trump's obstruction of justice.


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The US Constitution requires a process over the criminal justice system to formally accuse an incumbent president of irregularities. That process is an impeachment investigation. Mueller's investigation could not conclude that Trump did not obstruct justice. Determine if it did depends on the American Congress.


Poking The Dragon

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A really good presentation should always include excellent images and less text since a picture is worth over one thousand words.

Who do these men appear to be laughing at, who is not really laughing and why do you suppose that is? He said trade wars were easy to win, so why do American consumers, farmers, and taxpayers keep losing?

China is a very diverse country of multiple markets, many minorities, and it's changing all the time, so it may be difficult for most to keep up.

Los Van Van in NYC

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Cuba’s legendary, Grammy-winning dance orchestra, FORMELL Y LOS VAN VAN, who bring directly from Cuba their blend of salsa, disco, and funk is returning to Lehman Center to celebrate their 50th Anniversary on Saturday, June 1st, 2019 at 8 pm.

MacKenzie Cash

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What's better and more exciting than a French kiss? American kiss and cash hug from MacKenzie Bezos. What would you do if you suddenly had more money than you need for the rest of your life? Share with those who are less fortunate.


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As many American students finish their school year, and especially in light of our national political pulse and recent news events, let's start learning how to live together.

For the first time in the history of #USA, white students no longer make up the majority of the public school population. American schoolchildren are a very diverse group and, but most of them attend predominantly white schools or in a minority population.

Big Burger Bash

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Today is National Hamburger Day and the lesser-known National Brisket Day. What's better than a burger with fries and a beer?

A survey from asked 1,200 consumers to find out their favorite spot to grab a burger.

Five Guys was the top pick with 28%, followed by In-N-Out and Wendy’s with 17% each, McDonald’s with 15% and 14% for Burger King.

Who Will Defend America?

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The land of the free and home of the brave ever since 1931, these words have been sung during the national anthem of the United States of America. It means that we claim to be the land of the free because men are free here to do whatever they wish. We are the home of the brave because we feel that Americans are courageous, as shown by the history of our pioneers who settled vast open lands.

On the back on the tomb of the unknown soldier at the National Cemetery, the inscription reads: 'Here rests in honored glory an American soldier known but to God.'