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Tuesday, October 9 - Panel at 6:30 pm panel & Reception to follow

Tearing USA Away

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In case you're wondering how we got to these fateful days and why our politicians are tearing our country away from the norm and what it could be today, it may be partly due to what I am about to say. Consider the following information and then decide.

Before allegations surfaced against Kavanaugh by a few female victims, it is important to consider the unconscionable conduct of the GOP Senate leadership for refusing to confirm the POTUS44 nomination of Judge Merrick Garland two years ago.

Digital Democracy

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The defense attorneys for victims making accusations against #SCOTUS candidate #Kavanaugh, along with their witnesses should

record their individual depositions to load them all on Google Docs. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and everyone else's testimony.

We The People have a right to see the testimony. ASAP

Contact Your representatives and The White House along with members of The Free Press.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

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October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. This event is commemorating its 15th year as an annual initiative to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity.

NCSAM 2018 is a collaborative effort between government and industry to ensure every American has the resources they need to stay safer and more secure online while increasing the resiliency of the Nation during cyber-threats. DHS is the federal, national lead for NCSAM. DHS also co-leads NCSAM with the National Cyber Security Alliance.

A Long Time Coming

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There are less than 40 days and 40 nights left before the midterm elections, so all I can say is get out there are register to vote.

A Republican plan to control the US Government and to stack SCOTUS with a posse of conservatives has been a long time coming.

As a former GM-15/10 and US Government Manager for George HW Bush, all I can say is hang on, and listen to these folks.

Here's an image of then-Republican operative Brett Kavanaugh with his conservative old pal Karl Christian Rove.

A Weak In Review

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Did you see @SenateGOP at the hearing or watch @POTUS at one of his camp pain rallies or his actions at @UN this past week showing the world shameless conduct?

Has the @GOP and @realDonaldTrump turned America’s back on decency, truth, justice, fairness, democracy and due process?

Global Citizen Festival

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You don't need to live in NYC like me. You can be anywhere to see The Global Citizen Festival as long as you have connectivity.

This year's Global Citizen Festival will take place on NYC's Great Lawn in Central Park today. The Weeknd and Janet Jackson will be headlining, along with Shawn Mendes, Cardi B, and Janelle Monáe. A special guest performance will be given by John Legend.

About Face With A Book

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To wrap up National Book Month, and in light of the recent news about Facebook, please allow me to suggest the following.

If anyone else has had enough of Facebook, consider making friends the old fashioned way without it using the same principles.

Walk down the street and tell everyone what you've been up to lately and how you feel about everything.

Defense As Offense

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It is said the best defense is a good offense, an adage applied to many fields of endeavor, including games and military combat. This is also known as the strategic offensive principle of politics, as Trump and his followers have so clearly outlined.

Flake Checkmate

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US Senator Jeff Flake has become the second non-hero from Arizona to force POTOS into a major game changer. The first was the late Senator McCain who #Trump said was no hero, then McCain spoiled Trump's plans to destroy #Obamacare. Let’s see what he has to say about Flake in the future.

Senator Flake's checkmate on @POTUS in political terms, states his concerns demanding an @FBI probe with no way to remove the threat to a @realDonaldTrump #SCOTUS appointment.