Orchard Beach Tent City

Submitted by ub on Wed, 09/28/2022 - 10:26

Orchard Beach was a pretty oceanfront, 115-acre beach featuring a promenade, a central pavilion, 2 playgrounds & picnic areas.

Orchard Beach, The Bronx Riviera in New York City -That is until NYC Mayor Adams decided to gather what may very well be thousands of migrants who are coming to America.

A Slow Global Evolution

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The people of totalitarian Russia, and Iran are seeing their own leaders desperately reacting to their self-destructive forces.

Today is #WorldNewsDay. This year, most newsrooms around the globe are coming together to showcase how journalism can and does change many lives, our communities, and the future of our planet.

From La Habana to Havana

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Hurricane #Ian continues to grow and forecasters say another 858 km. The distance between La Habana, Cuba to Havana, Florida.

Havana is a small town located nearby the State Capital in Tallahassee in Gadsden County, #USA named after my hometown, The Cuban capital about 530 miles to the south.

Star Wars

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A NASA spacecraft is expected to slam into an asteroid and if everything goes as planned it could make things safer for humanity.

The universe tells #NASA to kiss my asteroid as the DART deflection: that tests its planetary defense system for the first time. https://youtu.be/21X5lGlDOfg

NASA's asteroid-deflecting DART spacecraft nears planned impact with its target https://www.reuters.com/lifestyle/science/nasas-asteroid-deflecting-dart-spacecraft-nears-planned-impact-with-its-target-2022-09-26/?taid=6331a97207b8f10001ec3f79

Terrified Trump

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The former guy has consistently lied to American voters and is now living in a state of paranoia for the next legal blow to arrive. 

This time none of his supporters or his lawyers may be able to put Humpty Trumpty back together again and he has only himself and his big fat mouth and fatter ego to blame. These are self-inflicted wounds.

The top secret documents seized by the FBI at Mar-a-Lago may also incriminate him in the New York fraud case, as Attorney General Trish James indicates, he also hid subpoenaed documents there as well.

From Mussolini To MsMeloni

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Italian voters are attracted to a far-right leader named Giorgia Meloni who could become Italy's first female Fascist Prime Minister.

In 1938, following the German example, Mussolini's government passed anti-Semitic laws in Italy that discriminated against Jews in all sectors of public and private life and prepared the way for the deportation of some 20 percent of Italy's Jews to German death camps during the war.

A Global Recession

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The White House says it has an economic story worth telling. Now, it’s time to tell, American voters that it’s a worldwide problem.

The Republicans want to celebrate the global economic downturn they helped create by once again lying to USA taxpayers and pointing the fickle finger of fate. But Americans know best. It is the GOP Economy.

Loose Screws

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Why do #Russians who are threatening the #world with nukes on the @UN sit #SecurityCouncil? They belong in prison or nut wards.

These dangerously uncontrollable persons belong inside Psychiatric hospitals, mental health units, behavioral health facilities, or nut wards specializing in the treatment of severe disorders, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depressive disorder. Global Psychiatric hospitals vary widely in their sizes, locations effectiveness, and professional grading.

Know NO Nos

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Avoid absolutes. Don't say “I’ll never get the promotion I want,” or “I always get overlooked,” just take a few steps back.

The most successful people in the world are able to often able to look at most things objectively.

“I have to do that.”

What to say instead: “I get to do that.” Swapping that one little word will change your attitude in a big way. It makes you look at something as an opportunity, rather than an obligation. Even if the task is unpleasant, it can teach you new lessons and open new doors.