This is a Man's World

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The family of James Brown has finally reached a settlement ending a 15-year battle over the late singer’s estate, according to their lawyer, who confirmed to The Associated Press that the agreement was reached July 9. Details of the settlement were not disclosed. Legal wrangling over the Godfather of Soul’s estate has been ongoing since his death at the age of 73 on Christmas Day 2006.

Uncensored Images

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These early Marilyn Monroe images remind me of my cub reporter days. I covered a Miss Nude World Pagent at a Florida nudist camp.

In the news environment, I was seldom exposed to nude photography, films, or videos. Although one of my first assignments happened to be of young ladies baring all.

Marilyn Monroe didn’t agree to this shoot easily, she knew that during a lifestyle and morality of the era, posing for any naked images could ruin her career. She eventually signed the release for the pictures: “Mona Monroe.”

The Oh Ohlympics!

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The opening ceremony inside eerily empty stadium seats. Let the weirdness begin. The first reviews of the fan-less Olympics are in, and after watching The Parade of Nations on television we can say this event may be somewhat underwhelming.

But as they say, the show must go on. This term is used to say that an event must continue even though there are problems, and boy there sure is, the elephant in the stadium... The global pandemic.

A State of Confusion

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Boldly visit or hardly live there as the current situation develops the speed in which the Sunshine State is heading has one way to go.

There was a time when folks would flock to The Sunshine State, and still, today if you talk to Florida Tourism officials, you already know what they're going to say. Come and visit. Everything's fine! 

Acid-spraying Bugs in USA

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Summer rains bring Vinegaroons out of their burrows in search of food and love. The Vinegaroons are 3 inches long but don't bug them.

They can pinch with their heavy mouthparts (pedipalps) and shoot a well-aimed spray of 85% acetic acid (vinegar) from the base of their "whip" to protect themselves.

Are Republican Liars and Criers?

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The GOP weeks ago initially rejected a bi-partisan commission to investigate the US Capitol insurrection and get to just the facts.

The Republicans had the opportunity for a bipartisan commission but the Senate said no and the House members are whining about the Democrat House Speaker rejecting two out of five recommendations because they may be key investigation witnesses. The GOP is hell-bent on promoting a complete distortion of facts.

Bonobo Blues

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There is a difference between Bonobos and chimpanzees. Although they look very similar and both share 98.7 percent of their DNA with humans making the two species our closest living relatives. Bonobos are usually a bit smaller, leaner and darker than chimpanzees.

Their society is also different bonobo groups tend to be more peaceful and are led by females. They also maintain relationships and settle conflicts through sex.

RIP GOP States

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Public health officials across the USA have begun reintroducing restrictions like mask orders, safe distance warnings and advisories for folks to once again start practicing safety procedures amid a surge of COVID cases.

Sabrina Soto

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DID YOU WATCH Sabrina Soto on #ET and are you a member of The Sabrina Soto Fan Club on #Facebook?  Sabrina Soto, the popular host of The High/Low Project and featured designer on HGTV'd, is a renowned interior designer, consultant and entrepreneur. The first of her Cuban family born in the United States,