88 Days

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POTUS: Biden will 'hurt the Bible' and 'hurt God' He is growing increasingly desperate as #USA approaches Election Day.

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for All," 

Only someone who doesn’t believe in God nor reads The Holy Bible, uses it as a political pawn, as a prop during a photo op.

THE HOLY BIBLE - MATHEW 5 The Bible says care for the poor, accept strangers, and do not slander others.

No Rifle Association?

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The NRA will go away if the New York State Attorney General has anything to say. Her lawsuit sets up a legal confrontation that could take years to play out and will leave the 148-year-old #NRA long the nation’s most influential gun-rights lobby but recently hobbled by financial woes and infighting in question.

The chief executive of the NRA allegedly engaged in a decades-long pattern of fraud by draining $64 million from the nonprofit in just three years, according to a lawsuit filed by NY AG Letitia James. She is calling for the NRA's dissolution.

UN Women

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The United Nations remains committed to delivering learning aimed at creating a truly inclusive culture within the UN system, and are pleased to present this year’s online edition of Leadership, Women, and the UN. Enroll today ▶

Sanctioned For Lying

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Facebook and Twitter have decided they've had enough and are sanctioning President Donald Trump for spreading misinformation on #COVID19, including blocking his campaign from tweeting until it removed an offending post.

#POTUS tweeted a video clip stating that children are “almost immune” from #covid19, thereby violating #Facebook and #Twitter rules against coronavirus misinformation. 

His images are heavily manipulated this makes Trump the only impeached president and lame-duck candidate who has been kicked off social media platforms for lying. 

RIP: Pete Hamill

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Pete Hamill was one of the greatest deadline artists. He was not only an American journalist, novelist, essayist, editor, and educator. During his career as a New York City journalist, he was described as the author of columns that sought to capture the particular flavors of New York City's politics and sports and the particular pathos of its crime. 

Help US Out?

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If you're a US citizen, make sure you have registered to vote by mail via absentee ballot, before time runs out. Please, 89 days remain.

Hurricane Aftermath

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Many are left without power, including banks after the hurricane.

While Isaias is forecast to dissipate over Canada after being downgraded to a post-tropical storm, six individuals were killed and over a half-million without power by this powerful hurricane. 

It Is What It Is?

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POTUS flounders during an interview over the USA Covid19 death toll and that is not all. A phrase that seems to simply state the obvious but actually means "it will be what it is," as in "it ain't gonna change, so deal with it or don’t.

The following Axios interviewer leaves Trump grasping on TV. President Trump’s comments put his ignorance on full display for the entire nation to watch and become energized to #VOTE. Over the last several days, a grim #COVID19 statistic has emerged. One person died every 80 seconds from the coronavirus in America.

The Real Truth

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Truth is not only the opposite of falsity. The concept of truth is discussed and debated in various contexts, including politics, health, philosophy, art, theology, and science.