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The Republicans once believed in liberty, economic prosperity, preserving, values, traditions, and restoring the American dream.

That was way back when and for days of future past, but today these party policies have gone wild, crazy while stupidity reigns as they have sold their souls to Satan who seeks to achieve destructive goals that are contrary to our American democracy.


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On this 30 day in the month of September, we Latinos would like to celebrate the halfway point of Hispanic History Month.

American Hispanic history is rich, diverse, and long, with immigrants, refugees, and Spanish-speaking or Indigenous people living in the United States since long before the nation was established. 


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US Senator Dianne Feinstein was a trailblazer in American politics and the longest-serving woman in the Senate, dead at 90

Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein was an American politician who served as a United States senator from California for 31 years, from 1992 until her death in 2023. Since 1993, she had been the state's senior senator. A member of the Democratic Party, she served three terms as mayor of San Francisco from 1978 to 1988. 


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As a US citizen, a New York City taxpayer, a longtime resident, and a fan of The Big Apple it stinks just to think that NYC sinks.

Localized uplift, widespread subsidence, and implications for sea level rise in the New York City metropolitan area. Regional relative sea level rise is exacerbating flooding hazards in the coastal zone. In addition to changes in the ocean, vertical land motion (VLM) is a driver of spatial variation in sea level change that can either diminish or enhance flood risk.


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A New York State Supreme Court's Appellate Division has denied Donald Trump’s motion to delay his 259 million fraud trial.

His efforts to delay and deny the wheels of Justice may be ending as Donald’s business assets are expected to be liquidated without a state license. Judge Barbara Jones will monitor the assets, an arrangement not unlike the court-supervised liquidation of a bankrupt company or the assets of a drug lord.


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A damaged peach with a seed inside that is rotten to the core. Brownish rot is a fungus Monilinia, infecting blossoms and shoots. 

A bad peach will have a rotten smell. Also, a bad peach can attract insects and fungi and ruin the entire batch.

ON ORDERS FROM THEIR LEADER Mad Vlad Putin, who is Trump's puppet master. In turn, Donal Duck has forced his  House #MAGARepublicans to desperately try to create or make up a case for the impeachment inquiry of JOE BIDEN. Meanwhile, POTUS calls it a baseless stunt.


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Mark Twain as well as James A. Michener sang the praises of Hamoa Beach and its isolated beauty. I will second that emotion.

The sandy, sheltered, and lined with palm trees, this remote stretch of shoreline on Maui’s eastern tip is arguably the island’s best beach. Nevertheless, Hamoa is often more empty than full thanks to tourists mistakenly rushing through the 64-mile Road to Hana.


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Michael Gambon, the Irish actor who starred in the role of Professor Dumbledore in six Harry Potter films, has died at 82.

Michael Gambon, the actor who played Prof. Dumbledore in 6 ‘ Harry Potter ’ movies, dies at age 82

Michael Gambon, Dumbledore actor in ‘Harry Potter,’ dies at age 82

Michael Gambon, an actor who played Albus Dumbledore in six Harry Potter movies, passes away